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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

My band, the Biletones, had a gig Saturday night, so it was a late night and I was slow getting the cobwebs out as the NFL pre-game shows were going full bore yesterday morning.

I had actually set my basic rosters on Thursday morning, but still had some questions, one of which was whether to start Marcel Reece or Jonathan Dwyer in my flex spot in the Utter Genius League?

I was tending towards Reece, who has played well the last couple of weeks, and as I gathered myself Tout Wars mate and ESPN guru Matthew Berry noted that those of us who were living in the bay area were expecting a monsoon.

It is true. I had to load and then unload, and then load and unload all my gear for our Rooster's Roadhouse gig during sporadic downpours, so it was wet, even though the temperature was not too bad nor was the wind.

I did look again at the match-ups, and ultimately went for Dwyer thinking Charlie Batch would struggle against the Ravens, while I feared Reece holding onto the ball in the torrents Matthew said were promised.

I was tardy turning on the Sunday afternoon games as I was alternately viewing the Bears crumble to the Seahawks, and the Niners tumble to the Rams.

So, when I first took a peak at the Ravens/Steelers game, Ike Redman was running the ball. Locally, the Raiders were blacked out, although the rain pretty much had subsided.

Matthew noted via Twitter, "I was promised a monsoon" so I responded "I was promised Dwyer would start and Reece would sit."

Actually, I knew that Reece would probably get the call right before kickoff, but I went with my hunch, but a bunch of Tweets followed Matthew's suggesting his job was predicting players, and not the weather.

Which made me think how much predicting the weather is not unlike making fantasy selections. Most of the time obvious choices that you hit, sometimes less obvious that you hit, and sometimes things just come out of nowhere and bite you in the ass.

If was funny because during the early games, I was thinking much the same things, for I had chosen Colin Kaepernick to start on the same Utter Genius team over Russell Wilson.

My doppler-radar logic in that choice was the Rams were an inferior team to the Niners, while the Bears defense offered a serious obstacle to Wilson and his younger and less depth filled team. I could imagine Charles Tillman picking Wilson at a bad time, while I could pretty much see Kaepernick scrambling out of trouble at the right time.

Kind of like Matthew's monsoon, for though I called Dwyer correctly, had I played Wilson, who has not disappointed me yet this year, my Smith Brothers team would have won.

But, that brings me to Kaepernick, and Alex Smith, and San Francisco's QB controversy.

I have to say that I like Kaepernick, and I think Jim Harbaugh is correct to keep playing him not so much because the signal caller has--or had--the hot hand, but because he is simply both more talented athletically, and considering, shows so much more onfield poise and savvy than Smith.

It does harken back to the days of Joe Montana and Steve Young here, or even Green Bay a few years back when the team knew it was time to move to Aaron Rodgers.

Not that either Kaepernick or Smith are comparable to this esteemed four. However, Smith, I believe will never have a season as good as any of them, while I think Kaepernick could.

To me it is really a no-brainer, and I expect Kaepernick to keep the gig.

Of course, like Matthew, I was expecting monsoons all day, too.

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