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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

Welcome to Mastersball.com, home of the fantasy baseball projections used by four of the top five finishers in the 2012 National Fantasy Baseball Championship, including the grand prize winner of $100,000, Dave Potts.

Founded in 1997, Mastersball remains an industry leader in providing in-depth strategy, analysis, research, and applications to the advanced fantasy baseball player. The site principals are long-time industry writers and winning players who developed all of our content and directly support our customers.

By clicking on the link below, you will download a subset of Lawr Michaels’ annual Top Prospect List. It includes the top 50, with name, franchise, position, team and age.

Click here for Lawr’s Top 50

To access Lawr’s full Top 250 Prospects, including stats, differential between age and skill set, player comments and Lawr’s special Zen Picks highlighted, become a Mastersball Platinum subscriber.

For just $34.95, you will receive:

* Our regularly-updated projections, dollar values, positional and overall rankings, first available on December 1
* Standings and Rosters Tracker loaded with our projections, available on December 1
* New Customizable Projections Tool, introduced on December 1
* Our MastersDraft 5x5 league software - plug in our projections or yours, ready on December 15
* Profiles for hundreds of players, available on January 15
* Minor league player rankings and Lawr Michaels’ full annual Top 250 Prospect List
* Exclusive strategy and research papers
* Access to our premium forum

Click here to learn more about Mastersball’s Platinum Offering and order today!

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