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Saturday 20th Jan 2018

Tuesday, November 20 – 2:25 PM

Maybe I had it all wrong. Why was I so against our commissioner’s rule change proposal where each week we would get either a win or loss based on our matchup in addition to a win or loss depending on whether or not our point total was in the top half of the league? The idea was suggested back in late-September and at the time not too many of us were in favor of it. Yeah, it would lessen the considerable luck factor that has always been the Achilles Heel of fantasy football, but luck will always be a part of the game, so why tinker with it? For selfish reasons though, I was 2-1 at the time and no way was I going to endorse a plan that would shift my record to 3-3. Instituting the change retroactively was out of the question. As for next year, I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, but it did deserve some more thought.

Well, coming off a week where I outscored seven of the other 11 teams but happened to be facing the team with Andre Johnson (47.3 fantasy points), I’ve just about had enough of this fluky stuff. The loss dropped me to 6-5, and my quest for one of the six playoff spots in this 12-team league will surely come down to the final week of the regular season. So I actually went ahead and figured out what my record would be had we adopted the new system. Turns out that I’d be 12-10, so up to this point it would not have affected me at all. What it would have done is lessen the considerable luck factor that has always been the Achilles Heel of fantasy football.

Three other owners have already changed their vote to Yes. Make it four.

Thursday, November 22 – 10:52 AM

If only I had picked the right WR1, this team would be a juggernaut. Unfortunately, I picked Greg Jennings, so despite owning the foursome of Matt Ryan, Ray Rice, Matt Forte and Doug Martin (my flex choice), the record of my 10-team league squad stands at a lousy 5-6. By now, I’ve given up all hope that Jennings will return in time to make a meaningful regular season contribution. Best case scenario is he gives me a much needed WR boost come playoff time, that is if I make the playoffs.

Equally frustrating is Jeremy Maclin, whom I drafted to serve as my WR2. Maclin has found a permanent home on the injury report this season and he’s been boom or bust (mostly bust) all year. Last week, he failed to catch a single pass. Worse yet, he wasn’t targeted even once by Nick Foles. Strangely enough, Denarius Moore, my Week 1 WR3, has been my most valuable wideout. This simply cannot go on any longer, relying on Ryan and my three elite running backs to carry the load week in and week out. I need to get something out of my receiving corps.

Meet Cecil Shorts, the newest member of my team. Even in a shallower league, I’m surprised I was able to pluck him off the waiver wire considering his impressive play over the past few weeks. And you can bet that Shorts will be in my lineup on Sunday in place of Maclin.

Or maybe in place of James Jones. Maclin does have three games of at least 17 fantasy points. I guess it just depends on whether or not I’m in a forgiving mood.

Thursday, November 22 – 11:16 PM

Tom Brady has ruined my Thanksgiving. Come on, with such a huge lead in the fourth quarter and the ball on the Jets’ one-yard line, couldn’t the Pats have simply handed the ball off to one of their running backs or fullbacks or anyone besides Brady? That rushing touchdown, Brady’s fourth score of the night, turned a great fantasy performance into an exceptional one. Combine Brady’s day with a strong game by Alfred Morris and I’m facing a 30-point deficit. And if not for Wes Welker, I’d be in a 50-point hole! Of course, Brady has to pick this week to go crazy, the week when he’s facing my guys.

I can’t wait for that standings rule change.

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