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Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

While there are always kickers or D/ST added in the last bye week – or because another team dropped one who is better than what you currently have – the high-ticket players in Week 11 FAAB bidding were two wide receivers who have recently emerged.

Or re-emerged in the case of Laurent Robinson in Jacksonville, who last year was a very productive WR for the Cowboys and many assumed would have value as the #1 WR for the Jaguars. Unfortunately, Robinson doesn’t have as good a quarterback looking for him this year and was hampered by injuries early in the season. But in the last two weeks Robinson has had nine targets and fifteen targets – that is more passes thrown to him than to Brandon Marshall or Reggie Wayne or ANY receiver in the NFL. As long as Blaine Gabbert continues to support his potential production, Robinson might earn the $111, $1, $37, or $52 it took to roster him this week.

Even more dollars were spent to roster Donario Alexander, the new Charger wideout who has had only eleven target in the last three weeks combined. But since one of his five receptions in Week 10 was an 80-yard touchdown catch and he had 134 yards receiving last week, he was a possible brass ring for teams needing help and was rostered for $394, $325, and $147 as teams tried to bolster their roster.

Another group of players – those formerly rostered and starting but dropped in Week 10 (for whatever reasons) – got large bids this week, each being available in only one of the four leagues I use for comparison. Felix Jones is still the starting RB for Dallas, so when he was dropped in Week 10, it took $400 to pick him up this week. It cost less to get Bengals’ wideout Andrew Hawkins after being dropped in Week 10 - $230 of Week 11 FAAB dollars.

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