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Friday 20th Oct 2017

Remember back when there was always one Tight End that was like a Wide Receiver and as a result sometimes wound up being picked as high as end of third round/beginning of the fourth?

Like when Tony Gonzalez was young. Or Kellen Winslow? Maybe Antonio Gates or Shannon Sharpe.

And, then the NFL passing game really took off. In fact our magazine, "The Fantasy Football Guide" suggests "Thanks to the explosion of the high powered passing attacks in the NFL, tight end has emerged as a bigger part of professional football offense than ever before."

Fair enough. Jimmy Graham. Rob Gronkowski. Jason Witten. Vernon Davis. Even those old guys, Gates and Gonzalez were productive giving at least me the illusion that if I did not get one of the guys listed, I could grab Jermichael Finley, or especially Aaron Hernandez and be essentially fine at Tight End.

Which pretty much tells you I have been scraping the free agent pool week-to-week trying to fill my Tight End spot with some kind of live body who will deliver a few points.

Not like any of my teams save one is any kind of threat to do much beyond wallow near the bottom of the league, but still a little dignity, or at least a few points on the scoreboard.

Of course this was the week I had enough of Finley and his lack of production, so the Packer was on my bench as my Cam Shafts team lost their sixth contest of the season. But, since I started Carson Palmer against the seemingly porous New Orleans defense, rather than Cam Newton against the tougher Bucs squad, well, Tight End was hardly my issue.

Where it is tough is in my Utter Genius League, where the Smith Brothers were 9-1 going into last Sunday.

In that format I held off grabbing a QB as with one freeze, by the time the pick got to me all the top signal callers were gone. So, I did select Marshawn Lynch along with Wes Welker as my first pair of selections, among the next pair was Hernandez, who does score when he plays. Which has not been too often this year.

Making my loss to my mate Dean Peterson this Sunday tougher was that I did draft Carson Palmer in that league as well, figuring he would have a nice bounceback.

Well, that league allows play two offensive flex spots, one of which can be a quarterback, although the rules also allow that an owner cannot have more than two QBs on the roster at a time.

So, when the Raiders hit their bye week early in the season, I dropped Palmer figuring to pick him up after the bye.

Except Dean grabbed Palmer back first, so it really was bye bye Palmer.

Since my team has done what it has to in order to win, at least until today when Russell Wilson on the bench, Hernandez not playing, meaing I was relying upon Ryan Tannehill and Dwayne Allen to make up the difference.

Need I say more?

(Well, ok, Dean also had that Gronkowski guy playing, really rubbing it in.)


0 #1 Patrick Wisniewski 2012-11-19 22:15
Ouch!!! :cry:

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