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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Marcel Reece may have the best hands on the Oakland Raiders offense. It’s a good thing because the offensive line consistently failed to open up any holes. Reece was deliberate when receiving carries as an impenetrable mesh was in front of him at every turn. Don’t mistake such ‘sluggishness’ for slowness as he has excellent speed and he will utilize it if he ever gets out in space. He was able to squeeze out 48 yards on 13 carries, which is actually mildly impressive under the circumstances. He also tallied 7 catches on 56 yards, giving him 15 receptions in the last two weeks. He bailed Carson Palmer out on tosses that were off the mark, reaching what most back would fail to reel in. I’m sticking with the Huskie WR next week as a high end RB2 with RB1 upside against the New Orleans Saints. For those looking ahead to the fantasy playoffs, Oakland gets Kansas City week 15 and Carolina week 16.

Frank Gore looks like he’s slowed down a little, but he’s made up for that by displaying more strength and power in his runs than he did in his prime. He also seems to be taking a lot of punishment. He’s earning his yards and taking lots of hits. Speaking of hits, the one delivered to Alex Smith has put Colin Kaepernick on the FAAB radar. The guy is a playmaker, particularly with his legs. Kaepernick doesn’t look like it but he is a threat to score anywhere on the field, with said legs. The jury is still out on Kaepernick’s decision-making skills and ability to make reads, but he’s worth a spot play if the matchups right due to his athleticism if Alex Smith’s concussion symptoms linger and he gets the starting nod.

Nick Foles is fairly accurate and knows how to use LeSean McCoy as a safety net, something Michael Vick often fails to do. At times he looks experienced, with eyes in the back of his head, able to sense pressure from the sides in his peripheral vision and from the rear without even looking. He can then calmly step up in the pocket keeping his eyes focused downfield and deliver strikes to his wide outs.On the other hand, occasionally he’s skittish, and he’s clearly not used to the speed of first string NFL cornerbacks, repeatedly grossly underestimating their closing ability. He also hasn’t developed chemistry with his receivers yet. Expect growing pains with a mix of turnovers, but with a dream schedule over the next six weeks he’s worth a consideration as a gamble for those scrambling at QB after losing Vick and/or Alex Smith. The Eagles face the Redskins twice, the Buccaneers, and the Bengals making Foles a QB committee candidate in the coming weeks for those willing to roll the dice.

Laurent Robinson received 15 targets on Sunday…… yes, 15. That’s gives him 24 the last two weeks. He’s available in every single league I’m in except the one I need a wide receiver.

Brian Quick beat San Francisco corner Chris Culliver in press coverage for an early score against the 49ers. It was a nice play but Culliver lost his footing and the safety didn’t have time to help out setting up an easy pitch and catch for Sam Bradford. It was Quick’s only target on the day. His time will come but there’s nothing to see here in redraft leagues.

With Percy Harvin out, Jerome Simpson still only received 4 targets. It’s time to admit that he’s a bust, probably passed time.

Bryce Brown will need to improve his pass protection if he ever wants to earn 3-5 carries a game.

Jake Locker is athletic and is a playmaker. On Sunday he was also inaccurate, frequently missing wide-open receivers. Kendall Wright owners may be hoping that he re-injures his shoulder after a career low 3 targets and only one catch on Sunday. The return of Matt Hasselbeck might be needed to preserve the fantasy value of all the Titan WR’s unless the rookie gets his act together.

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