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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Sorry to be so short this week but I am (believe it or not) entrenched in the preparation of our initial projection set for the release of the 2013 Baseball Platinum content, scheduled for December 1. Plus, the soon to be referenced research took a little time to crunch.

Earlier in the season, I spent some bandwidth waxing poetic on the strategy of drafting a defensive/special team unit late in the draft and playing the matchup game to maximize weekly point output. I have done this for three squads and I thought it would be fun to see how things stand after nine games.

Long story short is I don’t own (on the average) the lowest scoring D/ST in any of the leagues (all 12-teamers), but I’m in the 8-10 range. In fact, my aggregate score is lower than if I drafted the #13 defense and just played them every week. So on one hand I “came out ahead” so long as I was not the worst team, but on the other, I could have done a (much) better job choosing the unit I deploy each week.

Speaking of defenses, what the Chicago Bears are doing is historical as they are on the verge of matching the record number of defensive touchdowns for a season. Sure, the squad is good, but there is a great deal of luck involved with taking it to the house so many times when the other team snapped the ball. In fact, if you can find a taker, selling high on Da Bears isn’t the worst idea. Not only are they unlikely to keep racking up the pick sixes and fumble returns, but they have Houston and San Francisco in the next couple of weeks and Green Bay during week 15, which is no doubt a fantasy playoff week. On the other hand, they do have Minnesota twice along with Seattle in between, plus a juicy tilt versus Arizona in week 15, most Fantasy Super Bowls.

I’ll take kickers for $500 Alex.

And the answer is…

Lawrence Tynes, Matt Bryant and Blair Walsh.

Who are the top three kickers in the league after nine weeks?

Sorry, but I’ll never take a kicker before my last pick ever again.

That reminds me of a funny story, though I can’t imagine it will be all that humorous in this format, but I pinky swear it’s true. It was the fall of 1990 and I was about to try this fantasy football thing for the first time. It was a total points league and I was befuddled as the first six picks came off the board. My turn came at number seven as I was elated as the guy I wanted was somehow still there. So my first ever pick in any fantasy sports league was none other than Pete Stoyanovich, who I projected to lead the league in scoring, based on our system (which was basically a touchdown league). I still play in that league and am annually reminded of it every August, as well I should be.

One quick prediction: the newfangled strategy of drafting a QB early will be laid to rest after this season. With emerging ball carriers like Trent Richardson, Doug Martin and C.J. Spiller, the conventional credo will once again be running backs early.

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