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Saturday 20th Jan 2018

The truth is that later in the season, free agent targets are not just black or white – the targets are highly dependent on where teams are in the standings and on the health – or lack thereof of their current roster.

So in this tenth week of the 2012 season, the hot free agent pickups amongst position players were for the most part because a player like Chris Ivory or Taiwan Jones became more playable because of an injury to a player on their team. For fantasy football players, that injured player may be on their roster or on their opponent's, so “buying” them this week might be bolstering their options this week or making sure their opponents couldn’t get them.

Ivory, the hard running Saints’ running back who had been stuck behind Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas, and Mark Ingram, finally got activated last week with Sproles out with an injury and performed well enough to be a RB2/Flex play. In the four leagues I look at each week, he went for $123, $123, $4, and $54. Another factor that impacts the bid amounts in Week 10 is how much FAAB a team has left AND when their chances to use it end.

Replacing your DST or K is largely a function of bye weeks unless you are playing weekly roulette with available free agents, which by this time of year will leave you with pretty poor choices. But occasionally a defense might suddenly look more viable – especially if playing the Kansas City Chiefs, so the Steelers DST was available in three leagues this week and went for $69, $48, and $69. Other pricey adds were the Patriots for $50 and the Ravens for $44.

Another group of players that may generate large bids are those dropped by another team, which is why Vick Ballard was available in only one league and went for $485. Ben Tate went in another league for $174 and Ryan Tannehill was added in two leagues for $174 and $4.

Finally, late in the season, especially in Week 10 with Larry Fitzgerald and all of the Green Bay receivers on vacation, wideouts who didn’t look as playable earlier seemed attractive this week, thus $216 for T.Y. Hilton, $191 for Golden Tate and $81 for Donario Alexander.

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