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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

A handful of players who were originally drafted but dropped later in the season highlighted the free agent pickups in Week 9.

Two running backs were among that group – Daniel Thomas of the Miami Dolphins who went for $85 and $115; and Ronnie Brown of the San Diego Chargers who went for $122 and $15 in bidding this week. Brown who was rostered at most drafts with the Chargers’ Ryan Mathews to be out for the first few week was dropped when Mathews returned, but has emerged as the team’s pass catching specialist in the last few weeks making him a desirable commodity in PPR leagues to cover the last few bye week holes.


Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills was also on a lot of teams on draft day and in fact got off to a very hot start for those brave enough to play him. But the Bills hit a bad stretch and were off last week for their bye so he had been dropped in several leagues but was picked back up twice this week – both times for $50. And at least some fantasy players think Michael Vick’s days under center for the Eagles are numbered as rookie Nick Foles was added for $53.

Jermaine Gresham, the Cincinnati Bengal tight end who was thought to be a good breakout candidate at that position was also almost universally rostered back in September, but became a burden for one owner in my league who dropped him. I bid twenty two free agent dollars for him but that was well short of the $50 another owner was willing to spend to roster him this week.

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