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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

I have always been under the illusion that in most fantasy formats having one or two killer running backs was the key to success.

It is not that I don't appreciate a good quarterback, but I always figured drafting Arian Foster over Drew Brees was a smart move simply because Foster had more chances to score (this assumes more points are given for scoring a TD, rather than passing for one, which is true for all my leagues).

Although, one of the reasons I like a format where you can--or must--play a pair of signal callers each week is exactly because it does de-emphasize the focus on the running back position.

I actually play in one of each: one league where there is an offensive flex spot where we can play two QBs, and one 12-team format where we have to start a pair.

The statndings below reflect the impact of the two QBs over the first six weeks of this season. For every week so far, the two signal callers who logged the most points for their respective team, pushed that squad to the top of the weekly standings. Note also that these standings reflect a play all format, where each week each of the 12 teams square up against all the other 11 teams in the league, hence the records.

Week Team QBs QB points/Total Place in Standings (Record)
Week 1 Tackle Me Elmo Romo/Ryan 65/185 1st (11-0)
Week 2 Team Ed Hochuli RGIII/Cassell 51/161 1st (21-1)
Week 3 Gabriel’s Trumpet Luck/Roethlisberger 65/170 2nd (24-9)
Week 4 Tackle Me Elmo Romo/Ryan 51/166 1st (30-14)
Week 5 Lawrceny Smith/E. Manning 59/153 2nd (35-20)
Week 6 Jawbreakers Dalton/Kolb 35/148 2nd (39-27)

As I write, Week 7 is still up for grabs, but speaking from my own experience, with a horrible week from both Eli Manning and Alex Smith, my team has gone from second in the standings two weeks ago to sixth place and a 34-31 mark.

Furthermore, among the top six teams in the league, five are indeed represented above and have the best records, suggesting a good week from a team's quarterbacks is a road to success.

What makes things in this particular league more interesting are those goofy bye weeks, for in order to compete at the QB slot, it suggests drafting three during the draft, and that means 36 slots where only 32 starters exist at the slot.

Aside from making this a FAAB free-for-all with teams bidding for the rights to Matt Hasselbeck and Kevin Kolb (and likely John Skelton, once again, for he was drafted, and then waived, and then FAAB'ed).

Going into the Week 7 Monday Night Game, things are up in the air as for which team has the best record, but surely 30-plus points out of the quarterback slot is critical. And, as it stands, the Jawbreakers, with their third QB, Josh Freeman putting up 34 points to Andy Dalton's seven are in the catbird's seat, however Rubinator, with 58 points scored by the combo of Drew Brees and Matt Schaub lurk as that team has Brandon Marshall still has a game to go.

On the other hand, with my Smith/Manning duo putting up just 23 points this week, I could well be under .500 going into Week 8.

Now, all I need is for Eli and Alex to get it together with their second half push to the NFL post-season and maybe my guys will even have a shot at the title (with the injured Maurice Jones-Drew on my sqaud, it might take a little more though).

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