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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

As I dusted the cobwebs out of my eyes, and ideally my brain still a tad fuzzy from a nice long Saturday night sleep, I settled in with a cup of tea, half a bagel, watching the NFL pre-game shows.

I have to say that while I really love going to Chicago and watching football in the fall starting at noon, there is something equally delicious about simply waking up and having the grid iron universe at one's feet (and it is equally wonderful to have Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night Football begin at an hour that affords a decent night's sleep as well).

Propped up in bed, Diane with her mini-laptop, physics, chemistry, and genetics books, notebooks, odd TI function calculator and IPhone spread across our bed, along with two of the three dogs--fortunately the smaller ones in Jazzy and Pavlov--I had my PC on my lap as well and my morning snack.

Such is our Sunday morning routine these days, although somehow the poser I got seemed a lot more aggravating than a genetics equation or physics problem.

For, Jermichael Finley was probably hurt, while Aaron Hernandez was possibly well. Since every team I have seems to own one or the other, and since both were game-time decisions, it was quite a quandary.

Seemingly, not nearly as tough a one as dropping that clod Jay Feely while sitting Robbie Gould and the off-week Bears I possess, in favor of Greg Zuerlein, who amazingly was available in two leagues.

I mean, if my opponents did not know who Zuerlein was before last Sunday's game, they had to know now, right? I mean the guy was pretty much the top ranked kicker in the NFL.

It meant almost thanks to a few byes this week my playing decisions were pretty easy. Carson Palmer in lieu of Cam Newton, and for sure Mario Manningham over that Denarius Moore, with that dog Dez Bryant getting a butt full of bench.

The Niners defense, David Akers, and especially in my KLG league, where you must start two quarterbacks a week, the tandem of Eli Manning and Alex Smith--who collectively scored 74.5 points for me last week, made me feel pretty good about that team.

So, I did sit Finley, going for Hernandez as well, but obviously that was not the area to worry about.

Rather it was leaving 75 points on the bench in one league, 55 in another, while the Niners were as badly shellacked by the Giants, as the baseball Giants were by the Cards (I turned on for a sec in time to see Carlos Beltran plate the sixth run off Madison Bumgarner, so with the score 6-0 in St. Louis' favor, I simply went right back to the Packers and Texans.

It was just that kind of morning, turning into that kind of day.

That is the horrible nice sense of security being snuggled under your blankets, with tea and crumpets and the hope of a day's worth of contests being dashed by the reality of a -1 Alex Smith day.

Such is life. I hope if this doesn't kill me, I will indeed come back stronger next Sunday.


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