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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

I kind of think that taking it in the snoot one week during the fantasy season is not necessarily a bad strategy. That is, if you had a bunch of Cowboys and Raiders, this past Sunday, for example, could have been trouble. Or, if you have Miles Austin and Carson Palmer and Denarius Moore along with Calvin Johnson on your roster, unless you really hit it right--like having Alex Smith and Robert Meachem on your bench--you got clobbered

Actually, what makes the above rub tough is I do have--or had--Palmer in Michael Duca's league: a format where we can indeed play two signal callers: one the QB slot, and one as an Offensive Flex player.

The problem, though, is we can only roster two quarterbacks at a time, so that left me with some interesting choices this week:

  • Drop Carson Palmer and try to pick up a second quarterback from the free agent pool.
  • Play only one and stick Andre Brown in as my where I had played Russell Wilson (who would have to start at QB).
  • Being one to keep my options as free as possible until the last possible moment, I did indeed let Palmer go, getting Kevin Kolb out of the free agent pool. For, as it turns out though the ability to play two each week makes things thin, but the ability to only retain a pair of them, keeps a couple of starters in the pool.

    So, I got Kolb, but I was similarly tied up Thursday at kick off, and so Kolb sat on my bench.

    Funny, though, since we know Arizona was clocked by the Rams last week, with Kolb not having his best game of the season.

    So, though I planned for the first bullet, I wound up having to play the second, and since that team also has Austin, it meant I had to play Meachem as well.

    And, though the San Diego WR had his first solid game of the year with a pair of TD receptions, and Wilson even bagged 17 points, Brown and his concussion, along with that bad Thursday for Jay Feely killed my team.

    Well, that and playing against a QB combo of Drew Brees and Alex Smith, who combined for 79.4 points.

    For the reality is had I been able to activate Kolb--and once again, it is just not natural to have Thursday night games--my team would still might have had a chance for a win.

    That is because though I am down by 40 points, so do I have Arian Foster starting tonight.

    That would have been enough, I think.

    However, now I am faced with the dilemma of whether to drop Kolb--or Wilson--and try to get Palmer back again.

    Not to mention, did I really get my bad week out of the way by doing this? I mean, wasn't that sort of how I planned it in the first place?

    Sigh. I guess it never stops.

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