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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

Tuesday, October 2 – 10:20 AM

The numbers lied. Turns out that benching Jay Cutler in favor of Carson Palmer was a major mistake, a mistake that changed what would have been a five-point win into a 12-point loss. It seemed like a logical decision. Palmer had yet to have a truly poor game while Cutler was coming off two straight disastrous performances. The Cowboys’ defense had done a fine job containing opposing quarterbacks through the season’s first few weeks, and we all know that when Cutler is pressured in the pocket, things can get real ugly. Interceptions, sacks, tons of incomplete passes, you know the deal. So of course Palmer decides to put up his first stinker of the season (202 yards, no touchdowns) while Cutler tallies an impressive 25 fantasy points.

It’s not like me to jump ship so quickly on a guy who I drafted to be my starter, but I was so frustrated by Cutler’s recent struggles and figured that Palmer was the safer play. Plus, I liked his matchup a lot more and wasn’t really in the mood to watch Cutler self-destruct on Monday Night Football. This one is a tough pill to swallow, as the terrible managing move might prove to be the difference between me making the playoffs and missing out on it altogether. Maybe I was just over-thinking this. Many fantasy football experts seem to be in love with the “play the matchups” approach, but in my experience you’re better off just going with your best player at a given position. You’ll be less depressed when you make the wrong decision. I’m jumping back onto the Cutler bandwagon. It might be a rocky ride, but at least it’s the ride I chose to take on draft day.

Wednesday, October 3 – 11:05 PM

When it comes to daily fantasy baseball leagues, I’ve always heard about the importance of maximizing every opportunity to rack up those all-important counting stats, as a title could be decided based on a single home run or a couple of strikeouts. And while I knew that this was true, I always kind of laughed at the idea, especially when it came to the hitting categories. I mean, what am I supposed to do, sit by my computer every night to make sure that all of my hitters are in their club’s respective lineups and, if not, replace them with one of my bench guys to ensure that I wouldn’t lose any at-bats? Although I strongly prefer daily lineup leagues to weekly lineup formats, as the luck factor is reduced (yeah, most of my injuries happen on Tuesdays), I must admit that scanning through up to 30 lineups on a daily basis is a bit extreme.

Where was I? Oh, right. Well, I won’t be laughing about this anymore. About an hour ago, I officially completed a monumental comeback in my daily league to take home the championship, this after trailing by 15 points as recently as mid-August to a dominant squad that held onto first place for 95 percent of the season. I ended up winning by a half of a point, and if Edwin Jackson had struck out three today instead of six, I would’ve lost. Even if Edwin Jackson had struck out six, if he didn’t get the win and I chose to start Jayson Werth over Dayan Viciedo, I would’ve lost. If Jackson had not gotten the win, I would’ve pitched A.J. Griffin, whose 2 2/3 IP, 4 ER outing would’ve kept me in second place. Crazy stuff.

Thursday, October 4 – 12:42 PM

I’m off from work today and for some reason woke up over an hour later than I had planned. I’m calling it an end of season hangover. I think it was just my body catching up on some sleep following six straight months of managing five separate rosters. What am I going to do with all this extra free time? Fantasy football is fun and all, but it doesn’t come close to the everyday intensity of a baseball league. It’ll be nice to have a little break though. I’ll be able to watch the postseason while paying attention to just the score, not the box score. I’ll be able to root for the Yankees without sort of rooting against them if my fantasy pitcher was facing them. This is a lot less complicated.

Saturday, October 6 – 4:34 PM

OK, time to devote 100 percent of my fantasy focus to the gridiron, and while I’m still annoyed about last week’s failed QB decision, I need to get over it. Jay Cutler at Jacksonville? I think he’ll do well tomorrow. But if he has another one of those nightmare games, I’ll need to explore some trades to upgrade at the quarterback position.

After all, what else am I going to do with all this extra free time?


0 #1 Lawr Michaels 2012-10-07 14:20
i sat cam newton in favor of palmer for basically the same reasons, zach. i seriously feel your pain.

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