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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

I don't really care about matchups in baseball.

That is, barring a few exceptions--as in never start Joe Saunders in Arlington--there are very few times where I will sit a baseball player.

My theory is that a good hitter is a good hitter, and a good pitcher is a good pitcher, and good players should be able to succeed irrespective of venue. So, I really don't care if my hurlers go up against the Yankees or pitch at Coors.

But, somehow, I have this feeling in football that it is ok to look at how a team is against the pass before I choose whether or not to go heavier on running back as opposed to wide receiver, week-to-week.

Though I don't know why I put myself through that mental masturbation, for I know that the route to success is always to simply play your best available roster.

Worse, last week I managed to trick myself into starting Russell Wilson as an optional offensive player over Robert Meachem, in a move that proved to be both correct, and a complete undermind of what I know to be true.

That is because Wilson nabbed 19.2 points last week while Meachem was only good for 5.8. Not that I even needed the points anyway, as I won my match-up 175.5 to 128.2.

So, of course this week I bought into the crap, and played Carson Palmer, or what seemed to be a weaker Broncos defense over Cam Newton, off a poor week and facing a hostile Atlanta defense.

Truth is I did think that either, if not both of these games could be shootouts, and truth is though I like Palmer a lot this year--and he really is playing pretty well--I don't think his Oakland subordinates are helping him out a lot.

Furthermore, Cam can always seriously run the ball, and in that particular match-up, the Newtonmeister banged out 33.35 points to Palmer's 10.10, and though I have a lead halfway through the Sunday Night game, things would be better had I those extra 23.25 tallies.

I ran into the same problem starting Michael Crabtree over Lance Moore, figuring the Niners would be picking on the Jets secondary while the Pack would be out for blood after their tough Seattle loss Monday night.

It doesn't look like any of this over-thinking will cost me any more than blindly picking my best players would have, and I know irrespective that next Sunday morning I will again be cogitating the very same things.

Hopefully, I can make it through the day with as little second guessing as possible.

*     *     *     *

In a sort of related tangent, I feel just as clear about pre-season projections, be they in baseball or football, at least in the fantasy universe.

My case in point is my mate Trace Wood's Expert Schmexpert League.

The night of the Schmexpert draft, I had to work a Giants game, so I gave Lord Zola my top 70 picks, and well, Z knows me well enough to know who I like anyway.

Todd stuck as close as he could to my list, but managed to always just have my more coveted players untimely ripped from my selections.

Still, I wound up with a pretty good team, featuring Michael Vick, Philip Rivers, LeSean McCoy, Ryan Mathews, Larry Fitzgerald, Tony Gonzalez, and the Houston defense.

And, according to the pre-season rankings, my team was the second best.

However, going into Week 4, we are 0-3 as opposed to my other teams which were 1-2, 3-0, and 22-11 in a weekly "play all" format.

Not that I am better at drafting or football than Todd at all (in fact I think he is a better player than I), but, I guess those goofy instincts can sometimes be our friend, and more to the point pre-season projections are like war.

What are they good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Say it again.

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