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Saturday 16th Dec 2017


Monday, September 24 – 11:16 AM

I really thought I’d never again be a Josh Beckett owner. I vaguely remember having him on one of my teams in his rookie year, the year that he was the hot midseason waiver wire pickup. But since then, I’ve always passed on him in drafts, feeling that he was a bit overrated. He always missed some time due to injury and wasn’t particularly consistent from year to year. But for some reason he was routinely drafted at the price of an ace-level workhorse. This never made much sense to me, so I was more than happy to let Beckett be someone else’s problem. Until now.

For some strange reason, an owner in one of my leagues decided to drop Beckett, even though he has actually pitched pretty well since joining the Dodgers and returning to the more pitcher-friendly National League. And for some stranger reason, my waiver claim went through, even though I was fourth of 12 on the waiver priority list. The fact that Beckett was in line for a favorable two-start week where he would face the Padres at Petco Park followed by a home matchup vs. a Rockies’ lineup that struggles to score away from Coors Field made this all the more puzzling.

I’m starting Beckett this week. It feels weird to even be typing this.

Wednesday, September 26 – 10:32 AM

I’ve had enough of Jay Cutler. I’m not one to overreact after a couple of poor games, but Cutler’s performance in his last two games has been so atrocious that I’m starting to re-think my longstanding policy of not paying top dollar for the elite quarterbacks. I thought I got the steal of the draft when I snagged Cutler for the bargain basement price of $6, but apparently my league mates were smart to avoid him. Too many poor decisions. Too many interceptions. Too many sacks. It’s great to have Brandon Marshall on your squad, but if you can’t get the ball in his hands, what’s the point? Last year, I was far from thrilled to have Ben Roethlisberger as my starting QB. Now, I’m longing for those days. Big Ben is a little boring, and he might not be as explosive as Cutler. But at least he doesn’t single-handedly lose you weeks. I drafted Carson Palmer to be my backup QB, kind of by accident actually, as I wrongly assumed that my $2 bid would be topped. And through three weeks, he’s been far and away the more consistent player. I’m very tempted to start Palmer over Cutler this week. Actually, I’m about 95 percent certain that I’ll make the switch. Cutler vs. the Cowboys on Monday night? On national TV? I don’t think I can bear (no pun intended) to watch that one.

Wednesday, September 26 – 2:28 PM

5 2/3 innings pitched, 1 ER, 7 K. That’s exactly the type of performance I needed from Josh Beckett. An ice-cold Dodgers’ lineup managed to plate just one run, tagging Beckett with the loss, but how can I complain? Next up is Sunday’s home start vs. the Rockies, and if he comes out of that one in decent shape, my controlled Beckett experiment will prove to be an overwhelming success. You see, it’s not good to hold grudges against certain guys. Writing off a player and promising to never again own him is flat-out silly. The sooner I learn this the better.

Friday, September 28 – 9:45 PM

Cutler or Palmer? The stats tell me to go with Palmer, and it’s not even close. But my gut is urging me to stick with Cutler. Why? Let’s see, Cutler is due for a strong game and I’d be more frustrated with myself if I benched Cutler and he scored more points than Palmer than if I started Cutler and he again got outplayed by Palmer. I know this is very irrational, but this is how I make some of my start/sit decisions in fantasy football. Maybe I should be a little more patient with Cutler.

And besides, it’s not good to hold grudges against certain guys.


0 #2 Zach Steinhorn 2012-09-30 17:07
Still undecided! I've got three more hours though. Thinking there's a better chance that Cutler is awful than Palmer, so leaning towards Palmer. That's what all the "experts" say too.

0 #1 Lawr Michaels 2012-09-30 13:33
i am a Cutler fan, zach. and, he does make bad mistakes when he thinks he has to win the game.

when, however, he takes a deep breath and works with his offensive coordinator, he is a different guy.

ie the bears and cowboys game of a couple of years ago, when after sacrificing a turnover and a lead, the team turned to short drops and destroyed the cowboys (it was fun: i remember).

that said i have palmer in every league i can. cost i think he has something to prove and oakland likes to stretch the field.

and...i am playing palmer over the camster in one league cos the matchup is better.

i have no idea if i know what i am doing.

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