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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Monday, September 10 – 11:40 AM

I really thought that drafting Wes Welker in a PPR league was a great idea. So that’s exactly what I did in both of my PPR leagues. After all, this guy has been as consistent as they come ever since joining the Patriots, catching at least 111 balls in four of his five seasons in New England. I know it’s only one week, and all the fantasy pundits are urging Welker owners not to freak out. But I am freaking out. Three catches for 14 yards and only five targets? Seriously? Surely this was a fluke, right? Well, the more I’m reading about this situation, the more I’m thinking that I picked the wrong year to finally own Welker. What’s this I’m hearing about a diminished role for Welker as the Patriots’ passing attack will revolve more around Brandon Lloyd and their two elite tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez? The good news is that this is all speculation for the time being. But offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels didn’t exactly ease my concerns by saying that the team will continue to be flexible with their weekly game plans. What’s that supposed to mean? More disappearing acts from Welker? More weeks when my No. 1 wideout gives me 4.4 fantasy points? And what if those games come in Weeks 14, 15 or 16, when a title will be at stake? I can’t let this happen. I need to do something before it’s too late.

Tuesday, September 11 – 8:25 PM

I can’t believe I’m about to propose a trade after just one week. Here I am though trying to unload Welker in a straight up deal for Roddy White. Chances are this offer will be rejected, as my league mate was willing to shell out $41 for White while I was able to get Welker for what I thought was a great price at $36. If he preferred Welker, he could have gotten him instead of White. But maybe he’s changed his mind. I have two things going for me. First, he’s a Patriots fan. Second, he also owns Julio Jones, and it’s kind of strange when your two starting wide receivers are on the same team. Personally, I wouldn’t want that. It’s too risky. How often will both players have monster games? One more factor of course is that it looks like Jones has supplanted White as Matt Ryan’s go to guy, so maybe this owner is concerned about White’s shrinking role?

Anyway, it’s worth a shot. I guess holding onto Welker wouldn’t be so terrible, but if I can swap him right now for a top-10 wideout before his stock gets any lower, I’m ready to do it.

Thursday, September 13 – 12:38 PM

I was not impressed by what I saw from the Packers D/ST on Sunday, giving up 30 points and all those yards to a so-so 49ers offense. The punt return TD bailed them out, turning a very poor performance into a respectable one. I’m just not sold on this unit, so I have an idea.

Back on draft day, I made the mistake of drafting two tight ends with the same bye week: Tony Gonzalez and Jacob Tamme. So last week, I was sent a trade offer where I would receive Jermaine Gresham and Josh Freeman for Tamme and Sam Bradford. The tight end swap appealed to me, but I had absolutely no use for Freeman. I needed a clear upgrade at another position to part with Tamme, even though Tamme wasn’t going to crack my starting lineup, barring an injury to Gonzalez. But where can I get an upgrade? How about at defense! Tamme and the Packers D for Gresham and the Steelers D? Yeah, the Steelers defense isn’t as dominant as they were a few years ago, but they’re still a unit that you can rely on week in and week out. And at the same time, I’d be solving my tight end bye week dilemma. This is not like me, making deals so early in the season. I’m used to agonizing over trade offers, mulling over them for days. Not now. I just clicked on the “Send Offer” button.

I’m fed up with the Packers D. I’m sick of being Loyal to a Fault. Time to shake things up.

Thursday, September 13 – 1:04 PM

Wow, that didn’t take long. Accepted. This was a no-brainer for me. There’s absolutely no downside to this trade.

Thursday, September 13 – 11:50 PM

10 points allowed? Four interceptions? Seven sacks? 29 fantasy points? Are you kidding me? Maybe the Packers defense isn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe I should have agonized over this trade for a little longer, long enough for me to actually get rewarded for this dominant performance.

Maybe I had it right all along and loyalty really does pay off.

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