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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

Since Diane has to start up her Senior year at Davis next week, we took advantage and shot back up to the mountains for a long weekend before the school year deluge began.

Which meant we were at the Soda Springs house when the Bears/Packers kickoff took place on Thursday.

Now there are very few NFL games I won't watch these days. OK, maybe the Browns and Titans would be OK to miss, but even the Browns have Trent Richardson, whom I want to get a look at. But, our mountain house--and Soda Springs is right around Donner Summit, at around 6800 ft., about five miles from Donner Lake and 20 from Lake Tahoe--has no TV, and though we do have internet (hey, we can at least work from there!) we try not to stay online any more than is necessary. There is hiking all over and five great little canoe lakes within walking distance. You can bike and ski in the winter, although my favorite thing is sitting on the deck in the afternoon sun playing some kind of instrument.

But, sigh, being a Bears fan, I really wanted to watch some of the game, so I checked in at the NFL.com site, tracking play by play for as long as I could stand it.

Actually, I could track pretty well until the second half, even, when Jay Cutler and his mates completely unraveled at the hands of the division rival Packers.

I am a big Cutler fan, and I have now seen him play enough to know that if he has time, or a way to adjust to a furious pass rush by tossing after a quick drop he is fine. But, once his line starts to give, and his team struggles, he tries to win the game with every play. Which is laudable, but doomed.

However, being remote made it easy to flip down the lid of my laptop where the next football thing I knew the Raiders moved ahead of the Dolphins, 10-7, to finish the second quarter.

I heard that score as we drove out of Soda Springs and onto the Interstate towards home.

In the mountains, though, the radio reception drifts, so I relinquished control of the radio and CD player to Diane, asking only that we check scores sometime later, during commercials or something.

In the meantime, I could track both MLB and the NFL using my beloved IPhone (how did we survive without them?) I could see Eli Manning was having a big day, and so was Arian Foster, but that somehow the Raiders took a cue from the Bears.

I don't know. I mean, I know the Pack is a better team than Chicago, though I also know it is early in the year, and the Bears have an excellent defense, and Cutler et al could sneak by in a low scoring game.

But, I really thought the Raiders would shred the Dolphins.

I basically defaulted control of the music machine back to Diane till I got home. And then I put things away and did all my chores opening the house back up, and then started watching the afternoon games.

I guess I will be yelling a lot of "Go Niners" this year (and at this point, Alex Smith is looking like a pretty good pick!).


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