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Friday 20th Oct 2017

This past week was a busy one.

With both the Giants and Athletics in town, I had four games to work at the yard this week, not to mention other jobs that help me generate moolah. In fact, I worked the Giants Tuesday night game, an 11-inning affair, and came back to work in Oakland the next day for an afternoon contest, so by the time I got home I was too tired to even care that the football Giants and Cowboys were squaring off.

Furthermore, the weekend and host of Sunday games were suddenly upon me, but between a guitar lesson, and working the Giants/Dodgers Sunday night game I feared I would not get a lot of grid iron in on the day of rest, either.

Then I discovered Patti Smith, the iconic Poet Laureate of punk, was coming for a show at the Fillmore, and the tix were going on sale Sunday morning, at ten a.m.

I was indeed home, and online, and I did indeed score a pair of Smith tix, focusing on my transaction before I set my gaze to watching the first part of the Bears game (to be interrupted by my guitar lesson).

So, the first play I really watched of the 2012 NFL season was Jay Cutler tossing a pick grabbed by Jerrell Freeman who gleefully ran the ball into the end zone for a defense scoring interception and touchdown.

Fortunately Cutler and his Bear-mates recovered and had a pretty dominating game, and I actually left for the ATT yard early so I could settle into my seat and watch the second half of the Niners/Packers contest with my press box mates (it was indeed fun).

It was funny for I actually found myself sitting in a row with Michael Duca, the Giants OS for the night and commissioner of the Utter Genius League to my left, and Jeff Smith, a STATS statistician and then Jeremy Kahn who reports for ESPN to my right.

Earlier in the week all four of us had participated in the Utter Genius draft on line, so it was strange that all of us were suddenly sitting together, but there we were, watching the Niners and tracking players as we prepared for a big evening baseball game.

In fact it was funny watching all the other guys in the booth prep for baseball while tracking their football teams, and then between innings of the game itself, watch the replay TV switch to the Sunday Night game.

As for my teams, who knows? I think I will prevail over Jeff in Utter Genius, where I trail by four but have Carson Palmer and Nate Keating both ready to go.

But my 121.5 points will fall short in the ultra competitive NAIFFL, curated by my mate Lord Zola, while in the play all Kathy League Gifford I will likely turn in a respectable fourth best mark of the week. In Experts Schmexperts, a big game from Ronnie Brown will get another win.

Meaning I am in four leagues which is sort of a puzzle to me, as that is same as the number of actual roto leagues in which I play (I am in two sim baseball leagues, so technically that makes five, plus Lord Zola and I co-manage our FSTA team).

But, as I write, and anticipate the Raiders game (for the Ravens have clobbered the Bengals) the guys I am looking at for the late Monday game are Dennis Allen, the new and young Oakland coach who gets to direct his team out of the shadow of the late Al Davis, Carson Palmer, who I think will have a resurgence with the potentially fun Raiders vertical game, and Rod Streater, a WR of whom Palmer has nothing but wonderful things to say.

What can I say? It is kick off time in Oakland. There are pennant races on both sides of the bay, and the Niners kicked the Packers on Sunday.

Does it get any better?

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