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Friday 20th Oct 2017

Wow, what a day yesterday.

I mean with respect to signings, although sometimes it is really hard for me to tell if teams or players are more desperate. If you wonder what that means, well, check out who signed.

Jamey Wright was signed by the Indians. Wright, who believe it or not is just 34, has a career mark of 82-115, and an ERA of 5.03 over 1700 innings. And, a WHIP of 1.58.  Only three times in 14 years has Wright finished with a plus .500 mark. 8-7 (5.12 ERA) in 2008 with KC. 2-0 (4.80 ERA) with St. Louis in 2002. 4-3 (4.87 ERA) with Colorado in 1999. I also remember scoring a game where Wright pitched for the Giants a few years back. I cannot remember the opposing pitcher, but he was a similar makeup, and by the fifth inning, each hurler had tossed over 80 pitches. Let me tell you, charting 160 pitches in five innings is torture and anguish. For that is a lot of pitches. And, I mean a lot. Why, in god's name anyone thought there was any redeeming social value in the arm of Jamey Wright is beyond me.

Scott Schoeneweiss, a year older than Wright at 35, signed with the Brewers. 46-57, 4.97 over 11 seasons and 958 innings, with five seasons over .500 (barely) and a WHIP of 1.45.

Jacque Jones signed back with his original team, and Jones actually had some real success. With .277-165-630 totals, the bottom line is not too bad. At 33, Jones might have some life, save he did not play last year, and in 2008 he was .147-1-7 over 116 at-bats. That does not seem like a valuable bat off the bench, any more than Schoeneweiss or Wright are valuable situational pitchers.

In my original league, which started in 1988, there was a counterpart named Steve Trout. Trout was 88-92, 4.18 over 11 seasons, and in 1988 he was 4-8, 7.83, followed by 4-3, 6.71 in 1989. During those first two seasons of our league, which was AL only, and 12-team, where pitching is always needed, Trout was never even nominated let alone grabbed as a free agent.

What did we know that the Mariners, who trotted Trout out there, did not?


Willy Taveras was released by Oakland eight days after they traded Aaron Miles for him. Talk about nothing for nothing. But, at least they can let go.

Finally, Brian Giles signed with the Dodgers, and Giles is a guy whom I am rooting for, though I will not be bidding on him. He was bad last year (.191-2-23 over 225 at-bats) but the year before, well, not bad (.306-12-63). Giles has not had a knee that worked for a while, but, he can hit and with a career OBP of .400 over 15 years, well, I guess I just have a soft spot. Giles was one of the first prospects I noticed when I started writing, and he served me well, as he did his major league teams. Got to root for a guy like that.

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