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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

Tuesday, June 12 – 11:08 AM

I came very close to dropping him in Tout Wars Mixed. Multiple times. I’m glad I didn’t. Last night, Ivan Nova put together his second straight dominant performance, blanking the Braves over seven innings while striking out six. Strangely enough, despite the 8-2 record, this marked the first time all season that the Yankee right-hander has notched back-to-back quality starts. The 2012 version of Ivan Nova has been tough to figure out. He’s giving up far more hits than last year yet his walk rate is down. His strikeout rate has soared yet his ERA is nearly a full run higher than it was last season. But all in all, I have to admit that Ivan was a pretty nice $1 draft day investment, even if he goes out next time and gets roughed up. I might drop him then. Or maybe not. I have a feeling that I’m going to own this guy through the end of the season.

Thursday, June 14 – 10:33 AM

I think I owned Mark Buehrle in one of my leagues when he threw his perfect game a few years back, though I can’t quite remember if I started him. Actually, I bet there were a lot of Buehrle owners who didn’t start him that day. He’s Mark Buehrle, a solid pitcher but not exactly someone you’d expect to retire 27 consecutive batters. Matt Cain is different. It seems like every time he takes the hill he has a chance to make history. Yesterday, he did just that, tossing the 20th perfect game of the modern era. Lucky for me, I own Cain in two leagues, one of them being Tout Wars. I’m not saying that Cain gets no respect, but I still feel that a lot of fans don’t understand just how great a pitcher he is. Consistency and durability are probably the two most important qualities of a successful big league hurler, and Cain has both. Five straight seasons of at least 200 innings pitched and four straight years of a sub-3.15 ERA and a WHIP under 1.20. But for some reason, he’s always considered as more of a high-end No. 2 SP in 12-team mixed leagues, or at best a low-end ace. He’s an ace in my book, and even better, an ace who you never have to pay ace price for. That’s why every year I always land up drafting him in at least one league. I hope that Cain will now get the recognition he deserves. Wait, I’ll take that back. I hope that fantasy owners continue to overlook Cain. This way, I can keep on drafting him.

Thursday, June 14 – 10:45 PM

In one of the leagues where I own Matt Cain, I also own Erik Bedard, and I’d like to thank Mr. Bedard for erasing whatever gains I made from Cain’s perfecto. To say that Bedard’s start tonight was imperfect would be an understatement. It was dreadful: 3 1/3 IP, 8 H, 7 ER. Never get too up and never get too down. Sounds like great advice when I give it out. Tough to follow though when it applies to my own teams.

Friday, June 15 – 11:24 AM

Never did I see this day coming. Pitching was supposed to be my weakness, not my strength. After waking up this morning to find my Tout squad in first place in ERA, I promise that the days of overanalyzing my new roster on draft day are over. I promise to wait until at least two months into the season before making an impulsive move to fix something that in reality might not need fixing. My hitting was strong, I thought. The pitching, however, needed a lot of work. I had made some mistakes in money management that prevented me from scooping up any of those $5-$10 bargain starters. So my rotation consisted of two aces, CC Sabathia and Matt Cain, and a bunch of $1 lottery tickets. This rotation had no depth whatsoever. Turns out that one of those lottery tickets, Ryan Vogelsong, has been my most reliable starter outside of Cain while my other two $1 specials, Edinson Volquez and Ivan Nova, are both pitching well enough to stay on my roster. It’s my hitting that’s the real problem.

Never get too up and never get too down. This is great advice. I promise to follow it all of the time.

Well, at least most of the time.


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