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Saturday 20th Jan 2018

Before I go through my DraftStreet team for my fourth cycle of play, it is Interleague Time.

Now, I will confess I accept the DH, kind of like I accept Astroturf. I am not really crazy about either, but they are part of the baseball universe in which I live.

I am vehemently opposed, however, to any form of Instant Replay. For though I do understand the notion of wanting to get it right, since baseball--and all other sports for that matter--are games played and judged by human beings, it is fine with me to live with mistakes as part of the human factor of the game. Nothing is indeed perfect (including Instant Replay) and allowing for the human judge is akin to having an open and free society, as we enjoy here in America: the situation brings forth issues by definition. But, I would rather embrace that freedom and live with the consequences that live under restrictions than the illusion that being second guessed is an improvement, let alone always right.

But, I absolutely love Interleague Play.

I don't really know why, but as I write, I watch the Tigers and the Reds. I flipped this on after watching the Cubs and Twins, and before that it was a bit of the Marlins and Rays. However, I started the evening watching Luke Hochevar (who is on my Tout Wars team) duel Erik Bedard (who is on my XFL team) for six innings, before Hochevar was lifted for a pinch hitter.

And, I cringed watching Eric Hosmer play in the outfield, letting a ball get past him. And while part of me chuckles at the karma of the DH, the other part chuckles because it is indeed fun to watch these match-ups. I mean, I rarely watch either the Royals or the Buccos unless I happen to be working a game locally, and one of the teams is playing.

In fact next week I have Athletics games where the Oaklanders play both the Rockies and Padres in Oakland, and I look forward to it.

Back to the Pirates and the Royals, it is almost like an imaginary World Series that will never happen. It reminds me of being in London in 1977, during the start of the football season. There were ads for American beer on the wall of the underground stations, one of which extolled Super Bowl #12, ostensibly featuring the Chiefs and the Giants (in reality it was the Broncos and Cowboys).

At the time, that was as much of a pipe dream as a KC/Pittsburgh is now.

But, that does not mean it is not fun watching the two teams square off.

So, Yay to Interleague Play!

*     *     *     *

So, my latest DraftStreet foray worked a lot better than in the past, as my team actually finished 18th, with 60.8 points, missing the winning Rosalita Team (shepherded by none other than Mastersball's Todd Zola) by basically Kendrys Morales.

Had I taken Morales, and his 12.5 points at $5551 instead of Bryan LaHair (-1.5) at $6182, my total of 74.8 points would have been enough to beat Z and his squad's 73.8 winning points.


But I did not. Todd and I both did milk the very hot Paul Goldschmidt (15.5 points), but otherwise we had no players in common.

A much better showing, and one where I managed 31.55 pitching points. I did draw an Arizona blank with Jason Kubel, though interestingly, Todd had the same issue with both Willie Bloomquist and Justin Upton.

Still, I was tracking my team, because, well, it is fun.

And, well, like I said, I would have done better, if. Of course, so would Todd, although I am not sure what is better than winning?


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