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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017


I've answered this question so many times the past week I figured it would be easier to put a blog post and just link it.

Adam Wainwright will be just fine, TRUST ME!!

First a little vent. If you own the Cardinal right-hander, you very likely got him at a discount as he was a risk coming off of TJS. Furthermore, unlike Stephen Strasburg, Wainwright was not able to get in a couple of starts last September. Strasburg, the National's phenom, was able to get over the mental hurdle of throwing a ball in anger, so he could spend the off-season in a fairly normal manner, prepearing for the 2012 season. Wainwright was rehabbing, then had to get over that mental angle in the spring. Meaning expect a slow start and a gardual return to form as the season progresses.

Perhaps the fact Wainwright tossed a complete game shutout in mid-May fooled everyone into thinking he was back. Folks, the guy had a major procedure done on his elbow. Cut him some slack. He's actually doing BETTER THAN CAN BE EXPECTED!

Wainwright's career K/9 is 7.5. This season it is 7.9. His career BB/9 is 2.6. This season it is 2.8.


Granted, the career HR/9 is a bloated 1.1, up from it's historical .7 mark. Maybe Wainwright left a couple of fat ones over the heart of the plate, or maybe it is just a sample size anomaly.

Wainwright's BABIP is up a little, .317 as compared to a career .290, but this is well within expected fluctuation.

His 4.98 ERA is well over a run higher than most of the expected ERA calculations (xFIP, FIP and SIERA, tRA is not so kind).

Even if you compare the peripherals to Wainwright's stellar '09 and '10 campaigns, he's not that far off.

Hang in, better days are Wainw-RIGHT around the corner.

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