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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Sunday, May 27 – 8:15 PM

That’s it. I need to solve this closer problem once and for all, hopefully before tomorrow when the next scoring period begins. I just can’t continue to start four closers every week and hurt my chances for strikeouts and wins. The key to succeeding in a rotisserie league is to be as competitive as possible in as many categories as possible. You don’t get extra points for leading the league by 20 saves as opposed to leading it by one save. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? Dealing a closer for either a hitter or a starting pitcher makes a whole lot of sense. So I just offered Santiago Casilla for Daniel Hudson. I know it’s always risky to trade for pitchers fresh off the DL, but he pitched pretty well in his return to the rotation yesterday and should only see a boost in value over the coming weeks.

Sunday, May 27 – 8:34 PM

Wow, that didn’t take long. Rejected. But one thing I like about this particular owner is that he never flat out rejects trade offers without giving a response. And this time the response is in the form of a counteroffer. And I kind of like this counteroffer. It was actually an offer I considered making in the first place before deciding to try for Hudson. Santiago Casilla for Shaun Marcum. Interesting. I don’t see a whole lot of upside in Marcum but I don’t see much downside either. Solid ERA, decent strikeout rate and a very strong WHIP. Walks aren’t an issue with this guy, and I like those kinds of pitchers. My first instinct is to see if I can get more. He’s in dire need of a closer, so maybe he would be willing to part with Hudson if I insisted on it. Then again, maybe Marcum is safer than Hudson. Maybe I should just accept this offer and finally put my mind at ease, returning to my preferred 6 SP/3 RP lineup while knowing that I got value back for a player who I’d probably be forced to bench at some point in the near future. Let me sleep on this. Sometimes that helps.

Monday, May 28 – 10:53 AM

First I take a deep breath. Then I hit Accept. This will work out well for me. I think.

Monday, May 28 – 7:19 PM

This is such a ridiculous story that it’s actually pretty funny, to everyone except for Jonathan Lucroy, his fantasy owners and probably his family. The Brewers’ backstop, who happens to be my starting catcher in my NL-only keeper league, was sent for X-rays on his right hand today after injuring it last night while reaching for a lost sock under his hotel room bed. At the same time, his wife shifted a suitcase over, which then fell on his hand. Really? Hopefully, this isn’t too serious and we can all laugh it off.

Tuesday, May 29 – 7:02 AM

Not funny. I love it when I get this kind of news minutes after waking up while checking my MLB.com e-mail inbox. LuCroy will miss 4-6 weeks with a fractured hand. He now joins Pablo Sandoval, Emilio Bonifacio, Juan Rivera and Laynce Nix in my NL-only team’s infirmary. Not to mention Brian Wilson, who was one of my keepers. Just plain old terrible luck.

Thursday, May 31 – 8:22 PM

Matt Kemp’s previous consecutive games played streak ended at 399. His next one will end at 2, and he’s expected to be out at least a month this time after re-aggravating the hamstring strain that had sidelined him for the past few weeks. I don’t know how I’m still in first place in this league with Kemp, Desmond Jennings and Pablo Sandoval all on my roster. I was so looking forward to getting Kemp back and hopefully extending my lead. So much for that idea. I’ll need to win this league the hard way. And I guess that’s the way it should be.

Friday, June 1 – 10:46 PM

I chose the Yankees over the Mets at a young age, in the early 90’s, before the Yanks won all those championships, so don’t even try to accuse me of being a frontrunner! Anyway, unlike most Mets fans, who despise the Yankees, I want both of my hometown clubs to do well. Tonight was one of those few nights where I was rooting harder for the Mets than I was for the Yankees. I changed channels just in time for the bottom of the eighth inning and reminded Johan Santana that he dare not swing the bat. He listened, and was called out on strikes. I then pumped my fist when Johan’s 134th pitch of the night eluded the bat of David Freese. It took half a century, but the Mets franchise finally had their no-hitter, and I couldn’t have been happier for a fan base that had been tortured over the past 25-plus years by devastating playoff losses, disastrous September collapses and a whole lot of mediocre teams.

Tonight, all the talk will be about Santana’s feat. But how will a pitcher coming off major shoulder surgery respond after being stretched out to 134 pitches? Will he need a few extra days of rest before making his next start? Tomorrow, all the talk will be about his health.

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