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Friday 22nd Sep 2017

Two weeks ago when I set my Draftstreet roster, I tried to focus on match-ups, and especially exploit starting pitching.

Truth is I jumped from a lousy 45 points first time, to an average 65 points two weeks later, so this third time through, I was feeling pretty good about my picks and roster.

Well, one of the wondrous things about baseball is despite the overt predicability of statistics and match-ups and ball parks, nothing is certain.

I don't really need to even delve into my crappy hitting of last Friday, for as long as you know which pitchers I selected, well, that will be enough. Here goes:

Match-up #1: Ryan Dempster ($14,448) versus A.J. Burnett. I took Dempster, he of the now 0-3, 2.14 totals, with a 1.06 WHIP and 50 whiffs over 54.2 innings, against Burnett (2-2, 4.78) and the weak Pirates. Of course, the Pirates won, 1-0 and though this is not what I anticipated, Dempster at least netted 7.3 points. On the other hand that dog Burnett got 8.5.

Match-up #2: Anthony Bass ($12, 105) versues Dillon Gee. I seriously thought about taking Gee ($9,296) at home, but Bass was 3-2, 2.89 with 51 whiffs over 53.1 innings. On the other hand, Gee was 3-3, 5.44 and though the Mets have been playing well, Bass has been hurling just as well. Results? 5.3 innings for Bass, with six runs and eight hits allowed worth -0.4 points, while Gee nabbed 11.6 with a pretty good win over seven innings.

Match-up #3: Johnny Cueto ($12,759) versus Christian Friedrich. Now, I will confess I like Friedrich, who was 1-1, 5.00 after two really good starts, and getting knocked back down to earth when Seattle clobbered him on #3 for eight runs over five innings. On the other hand, Cueto was 5-1, 1.97 going into the game, and coming off a nice seven inning victory over the Yankees. Cueto get knocked to the tune of 11 hits and five runs over 4.2 innings. That is -1.45 points.

I also took Matt Capps as my reliever, and he managed to offset Bass with a +0.4 points, but otherwise Burnett's 8.5 total was larger than my 5.85 team total for pitchers.

Like I said, I figured you would understand and shake your head. Maybe even laugh a little in comiseration if you picked similarly.

I know in baseball there are no fourth strikes, but I will still play again next time. Why not? It is fun.


0 #1 Ryan Carey 2012-05-30 18:43
I came close last week - and it hurts a bit to come in 8th out of 901 entries.

I still haven't really developed a true system for these games yet other than trying to avoid bad weather and play righty/lefty matchups.

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