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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Monday, May 7 – 11:22 PM

I’ve been very lucky with Carlos Zambrano over the past few years. I seem to always pick him up just in time for one of his gems, the kind of performance that reminds us of the pitcher he once was back in his glory days with the Cubs. Tonight was one of those outings, as the Big Z tossed a three-hit complete game shutout vs. the Astros, striking out nine. Fortunately for me, Zambrano was my two-start pitcher add of the week, as I liked his pair of matchups vs. the Astros and Mets, two teams he has done well against over the course of his career.

There was a time when Zambrano was overrated in fantasy, as his consistently high walk totals kept him from earning his perceived ace status, but right now I consider him very underrated. Many owners see him as washed up, and they’re probably afraid that the next suspension is just around the corner. But the solid strikeout rate is still there, and maybe playing for the hot-headed Ozzie Guillen will have a positive effect on Carlos. After all, Ozzie knows what it’s like to throw all those tantrums. He can relate. Maybe the two can even attend anger management sessions together. I’m holding onto Zambrano. He’s off to a terrific start, and I have a feeling he might just stay on my roster for the remainder of the season.

Tuesday, May 8 – 10:12 PM

Now this is unbelievable. My third base spot in Tout must be cursed. Will Middlebrooks, the guy I picked up to replace the injured Kevin Youkilis and has actually given my offense a much needed boost, left tonight’s game early due to hamstring tightness. Being that this is the same ailment that bothered him last week, I’m very concerned. He’s listed as day-to-day, but the way my season is going so far, who knows how long he’ll be out.

Wednesday, May 9 – 9:34 PM

The injury bug can’t seem to go away. Just as I exhaled upon seeing Will Middlebrooks’ name in tonight’s Red Sox lineup, Erik Bedard leaves his start in the second inning with back spasms. Look, when you draft Bedard you know what you’re getting, a tralented pitcher who produces at a high level when healthy. The problem is that he’s spent more time on the operating table than on the mound. We’re at the point where Bedard should be valued as an elite long-reliever. He’ll give you around 100 innings with strong ratios. Expect more than that and you’ll be disappointed. I completely understood all this when I drafted him in two leagues. I’m just bummed out because I lost a bet that he would make it to June injury-free.

Friday, May 11 – 10:35 PM

Call it an embarrassment of riches but I have a major dilemma in my keeper money league. After almost single-handedly ruining my season last year, Adam Dunn somehow found a way back onto my roster. Hey, he was five bucks. How could I have possibly turned that down? He started the season on my bench as I was simply terrified to play him, but now that he looks like the old Adam Dunn again, I’d be crazy to not take advantage, right? There’s one slight problem. In order to start Dunn, I’d need to bench Nick Swisher, who is off to a fine start in his own right. So rather than driving myself insane on a weekly basis choosing between the two, it would surely make a lot of sense to try and work a trade to unload one of them while getting an upgrade at a different position. My league mates seem to be gun shy about dealing their elite players this early in the season, no matter the offer. Andre Ethier and Dunn for Ryan Braun? Not a chance. That proposal was rejected immediately, without even a counteroffer. I couldn’t believe it. Well, I’m not going to grossly overpay just for the sake of clearing up my roster in a league where I happen to reside in first place. Nothing wrong with having depth in case of an injury.

Or two. Or three.

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