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Thursday 19th Oct 2017


I was thinking Star Wars here. Which is better? Return of the Kevins, or Revenge of the Kevins?

And, well, does anyone ever think of a person named "Kevin" as being menacing? Hardly, and I am not knocking the name at all. And, Kevin Costner plays one the meanest MF's ever in the movie A Perfect World.

But, in just a tad over 24-hours the other day, no fewer than three Kevins were signed to new teams in the Majors. And, at this point, all have seen their better days.

Kevin Millar signed with the Cubs, and since I don't really have a clue what the Cubs are doing, I am guessing they are not sure either. Hence this signing of a guy who produced some good totals, had a nice career, and was a valuable 450 at-bat contributor to six teams. And, after each, he was granted free agent status. The numbers really hit the skids the last two years, though, power or not. Over the past four years Millar's average dropped, in sequence (starting with 2006) from .272, to .254, to .234. to .223, and his on-base percentage, correspondingly going down .374, .365, .323, and then .311.

Kevin Mench signed with the Nationals. He was .234-7-10, with a 321 OBP when he last played in the majors.

Kevin Gregg is now apparently the closer in Toronto. Or, at least the reliever with the most saves in the pen. I know there are those who think Ryan Frankin is a pretend closer. I think Kevin Gregg is one of those.

But, I wonder, as our country and citizens struggle with a rough economic environment, if we could work out a deal with the MLB owners. We can save them wasting a fortune on retreads, and they can donate half the money they save towards universal health care or Haitian relief, or something? I think the owners might be able to pull us largely out of our hole with such a plan.

Just for grins, two others signed.

Val Passcucci whom my late friend and league-mate Sean Dugan once drafted (Ultra rules) simply because his name was so irresistible. And, Shawn Estes, who also signed with the Nationals, though I am not sure why. He is no longer a wunderkind, though I am not sure anyone else recognizes yet that he is 38. And he was awful when last in the majors in 2008. Or that he has not really been worth much since 1997?


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