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Saturday 17th Feb 2018

Pretty regularly, I get into music threads with my mates Peter Kreutzer, Steve Moyer, and Gene McCaffrey. We all share pretty broad taste in what we listen to, and enjoy advising one another accordingly.

For example, Peter started a thread a month back where he had rediscovered Lou Reed's Berlin, and in the process Darby Crash and The Germs were pulled in, along with Animal Collective and upon Steve's suggestion, Them Crooked Vultures (if you do not yet know them, they are Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme, and John Paul Jones and they are very good).

Over the course of the thread, Steve noted that the Compact Disc (ergo CD) was a thing of the past. Steve also said that the download world has trashed the CD, the way the CD trashed the Cassette, and the Cassette whacked the 8-track, and the 8-track bumped the vinyl. Although be it told, I never really abandoned the album for any format until the CD. Though I did own cassettes, and a handful of 8-tracks.

But, the album--and I mean vinyl when I use that term--translated nicely from the album format. You still got liner notes and pictures and lyrics and all the tactile things that go with listening to an album while perusing the cover and package. Other formats don't lend themselves so readily to translation, but CD to vinyl did work for me. And, apparently my mates.

Truth is, I had not really thought about letting go of my CDs (I have a lot). I still have my albums (again, a lot, and many are duplicated between the medium) and I won't let them go, either. But, generally, over the past 15 years, if I want something new, I buy the CD.

I do have a shuffle--actually now I have an iPhone, a toy I love as much as any I have ever had--so I carry my tunes with me, but I still liked to put CDs in the stacker of my car. Only, over the past few years, the stacker, which is in the trunk, is schizy. Sometimes it cannot read the disk, and sometimes I cannot get it open to retrieve the discs, let alone change them.

And, though my car is a '99, I have the stuff to play my iPhone through through the car stereo, which still boasts a pretty good system.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, the stacker shut down, as in the "CD not recognized" on the dashboard display. Later, I went into the trunk, and could not get the stacker open, either, which was a drag as it was not only full with six discs, but my Crooked Vultures was also among them, and though I could burn a copy, I wanted my disc back.

While I was imagining the car at some shop, costing a fortune to fix, I realized I did not really need to get it fixed. That I had everything in the stacker on my iPhone, and that anything else I wanted, I could copy over. Which meant I really did not have to do anything, save get the discs out of the stacker cartridge.

Which, a couple of days ago, for no reason any more explicable than when the cartridge decides not to surrender its contents back to me, I pushed the button and bingo, out popped the cartridge and my discs.

I put them back in the jewel cases, but, I decided that Steve was right. Anything I want can go on my iPhone.

Sigh. No more CDs for me.

I hope I will adjust.



0 #1 Rob Leibowitz 2010-02-11 02:11
Them Crooked Vultures self-titled "debut" is a pretty sweet album Lawr. Strangely I still buy CD's. Load them on my ipod and then stash away the originals in case anything catastrophic occurs!

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