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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Tuesday, April 3 – 11:33 PM

Usually, I spend the minutes immediately following my drafts with calculator in hand. Adding up the projected stats of my newest squad, I try to get a sense of my team's strengths and weaknesses, taking brief breaks to shake my head in disgust. Why did I take this low average power hitter when I was short on speed? And, I definitely drafted too many finesse starting pitchers and not enough high strikeout guys. Rarely do I feel the way I do right now.

So, with my fifth and final draft, a four hour long auction, is now in the books, and not to sound overconfident or anything, but I really don’t see any weaknesses with this group. Of all the auctions I’ve done over the past few years, I have never been more satisfied. There were very few surprises. Almost every player went for around the price I expected, and although I wasn’t quite able to get my #1 target at all the positions, I came close to it.

This is my “friends” league, a 12-team mixed made up of my fellow sports radio members from college. These are all guys who know their stuff and are fairly experienced fantasy players. But this isn’t exactly Tout Wars. There’s no question that the Tout experience really helped me for this draft as I learned from some of my mistakes and found that balance between aggressiveness and patience that is often so difficult to find.

Already having kept Matt Kemp for $30, Pablo Sandoval for $19, and the duo of Desmond Jennings and Anibal Sanchez for one buck each certainly didn’t hurt. This will be a fun group to go into battle with over the next six months. I’m not going to bore you with the details of my roster right now, other than to say that I took a chance on Adam Dunn yet again (sorry, just can’t help it!),but trust me: you’ll hear plenty about this team in the coming weeks. Anyway, I’m kind of drained out, with that computer auctioneer’s “Going once, going twice, sold” chant still reverberating in my ears, so I think I’ll call it a night.

Wednesday, April 4 – 11:20 AM

I know I mentioned that I was now finished with all of my drafts. Technically, I wasn’t lying but, well, I was lying. Tonight, I’ll be serving as Mike Siano’s proxy in his AL-only keeper league draft over at Foley’s in midtown, the site of the Tout Wars pre-draft gathering just a couple weeks ago. It’s always tricky to draft for someone else, especially when it’s for your boss! I simply cannot screw this up. Fortunately, Mike has given me an in-depth draft night game plan, complete with players to target and approximately the amount of money he’d be willing to shell out for each of them. Easy enough, right?

Thursday, April 5 – 12:06 AM

Just got home from Foley’s. I’m exhausted. Will tell you all about it tomorrow, or really later today.

Thursday, April 5 – 2:45 PM

I knew a couple of the guys, but that was about it. The hostess led us down to a tiny room in the basement, the place that would serve as our draft dungeon for the next five hours. The cheat sheets were out, the notes were out, the drinks came and then the food arrived. We were underway, and I soon found myself in a bidding war for Shin-Soo Choo. Mike had to have Choo, he said, and would go as high as 30 bucks. I went to 33 to land him. I know how much Mike likes Choo this year, so what’s three dollars in the grand scheme of things? Kendrys Morales was another guy Mike “had to have” but 20 was roughly his limit. I went as high as 23 before bowing out. Morales was sold for $26. Whoa, if only this draft took place a few weeks ago, things would have been different. The uncertainty surrounding Kendrys’ health is gone, the reports are glowing and it’s not unreasonable to think he can get back to his ’09 form. I was pretty bummed after losing out on Morales but quickly regrouped, landing several of Mike’s first or second choices. All in all, it was a job well done, and as the clock struck 11:00 PM, our waitress peeked into the room. “Still here?” she asked surprisingly. Yep, still here.

I don’t think she plays fantasy baseball.

Or even if she does, she definitely doesn’t play in any auction leagues.

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