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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Yeah, I know baseball season sort of started last week with Oakland and Seattle duking it out in Tokyo, and then with the Fish on Wednesday in their new stadium, but the Athletics and Giants started their seasons yesterday.

Yesterday also was not only Good Friday--which historically was the evening of the last supper--but it was the first night of Passover. And, well, the last supper was indeed a Sedar.

Since it is Easter, that means Ben Hur will be on TCM this weekend, and probably The Ten Commandments will as well. Both are great and silly epic movies of the late 50's, but I always get sucked into them when they are on.

In addition, for the last 34 years I have attended Passover at the home of my friends Mark and Debbi Berenberg. Back in the 70's, when we gathered for the first time, and rather informally, there were just eight of us: four couples.

We were all in our 20's at the time, living in the bay area, so we celebrated accordingly, smoking four joints instead of drinking the traditional four glasses of wine.

And, at the first Sedar, Lynn Schuzitt, then married to David, was pregnant. Lynn was the first of that group to be expecting, and part of the evening's festivities included a baby naming contest for the future Schuzitt. And, I won with the name "Tennis" (say Tennis Schuzitt to yourself, quickly).

Over the years the joints went away for real wine, and instead of my recalling the story of Charlton Heston as Moses with Anne Baxter and Yul Brynner and the Ten Commandments, we got actual haggadahs. And, then children started to arrive beyond Tennis, who actually was named Jesse.

After a few years the eight multiplied into 30 among friends and family and we all read parts in the Haggadah and Debbi and Barbara Kweller made killer brisket and matzoh ball soup.

Which is pretty much how things have been for the past 20 years.

Of course now the next generation of kids are in their 20's, and a handful of the guys play fantasy baseball, so half the meal discussion consists of hearing Zach and Seth and Mike all tell me who they drafted and why. And, last night the Iphones were ominpresent checking scores, playing Words With Friends, and texting Mark and Debbi's daughter Annie, who was not present. That is because Annie is in Mozambique teaching with the Peace Corps.

It is all wonderful stuff: Passover and food and tradition, and baseball and its tradition.

And, actually, this year was indeed extra cool as Tennis, aka Jesse, is now expecting with her husband Mike. So again, the new generation is pushing forward, continuing the cycle on the planet.

As they say, life does indeed go on.

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