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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

Well, if you read my Tout Wish List piece published Saturday morning, just before the American League Tout Wars auction, you can see the prelude to what I actually drafted (which follows).

I did get mostly what I wanted, not so much in terms of players--though I did nab a few on that wish list--as achieve the objective of filling my roster with as many everyday players and at-bats as I could.

So, let's simply cut to the chase and get to what I bought:

  • C: J.P. Arencibia ($14)-20-homer power, and his average will rise.
  • C: Kelly Shoppach ($3)-I was looking at Tyler Flowers for this spot, but Shoppach came up and I think will produce as well for the anticipated price (about what I thought Flowers would cost). So, I simply went for it.
  • 1B: Mitch Moreland ($14)-I had targeted Moreland and his outfield/first base eligibility at $13. This works.
  • 2B: Ben Zobrist ($24)-Again, wrote down a stat base and put Zobrist's name after it and wrote in $24. Again, position flexibility. I had wanted Howie Kendrick for this slot, but he went for $25 (I anticipated $20) so that was a little too far out of range. I already had Zobrist in the outfield, so I adjusted accordingly with my roster.
  • 3B: Danny Valencia ($14)-I was hoping to get Mark Reynolds here, but he went for $21. Though Valencia should cost around $11, but this is fine. He should begin really stepping it up with the average in his third season.
  • SS: Erick Aybar ($20)-I thought I could get Aybar for $17 so this is a little more, but I like what he can do and I like it even better hitting in front of that Albert Pujols guy.
  • MI: Ryan Raburn ($12)-Yet again multiple positions, and 14 homers last year, with 15 and 16 before that respectively, the guy could break out seriously. 
  • CI: Kyle Seager ($4)-My understanding from the Mariners brass is he will be the third baseman: that a line drive hitter such as Seager has to play every day, and that Figgins will spell third, outfield, and maybe some second. Seager can also cover short, and the $4 is exactly what I anticipated.
  • OF: Nick Swisher ($21)- Just a little more than the $19 I hoped, but Swish is ever so consistent, and for that reason I just love having him on my roster.
  • OF: Ben Revere ($13)-Right at range (anticipated $14) I think Revere will hit well and steal.
  • OF: Dayan Viciedo ($11)-Was hoping to grab Coco Crisp for an outfield slot, but he went for $20 which was enough more than the $15 I was thinking. And, Viciedo gets to start and can hit, for sure.
  • OF: Ryan Kalish ($1)-Some early injury questions, but the kid has a gig if he can get healthy fast enough. Nice price if it works: I am not out much if not.
  • UT: Brendan Ryan ($5)-Again, the Seattle front office loves him as long as he stays healthy. I hope he does and their devotion is justified.
  • SW: Jeff Niemann ($8)-The Swingman experiment for me, I decided to blow my gamble on pitching (only two others did) figuring you really can never have enough pitching. Ideally I can grab some extra at-bats from my reserve list and the free agent pool. Or, at worst make a trade because someone will need a starter.
  • SP: C.C. Sabathia ($26)-Highest priced item, but he is so consistent, and offsets a lot of bad performances elsewhere. Not to mention he seems so durable.
  • SP Derek Holland ($15)-A gamble, but one with whiffs and potentially high reward.
  • SP: Brandon McCarthy ($14)-Thought I could get him for $13, so this is just fine. He is good. Now, if he can repeat.
  • SP: Justin Masterson ($9)-Always been a fan, and after last year, I like him more. Nice price.
  • SP: Luke Hochevar ($8)-I was looking at Ogando for this slot, but Alexi went for $10 and that was too much. This is fine, though in fact I already got a trade offer for him.
  • RP: Jose Valverde ($19)-Wrote in $19 for a closer. Bingo.
  • RP: Vinnie Pestano ($4)-Kind of surprised I got the interim Cleveland closer this cheaply. But, I have no problem with it.
  • RP: Louis Coleman ($1)-Was really hoping for Tim Collins or Aaron Crow here, but I thought they might cost a little more. And, I thought someone would bid two, but again, for a buck, the guy has good stuff and I can live with it.
  • RP: Tony Sipp ($1)-My first nominee and acquisition, Sipp is just fine as a middle guy, and even better backing Pestano.
  • RES: Chris Tillman-A good spring and a lot of talent and hope. Maybe his time has finally come.
  • RES: Brandon Inge-Probably makes the team, and probably gets to start while Miguel Cabrera nurses his damaged cheekbone.
  • RES: Michael Saunders-Getting a chance to play so as a reserve pick, can't lose.
  • RES: Munenori Kawasaki--31-year old Japanese rookie who can do all the basics. And play all the infield positions.
  • Again, nothing flashy, but steady. So, I am happy to be the tortoise. He did win, you know.



    +1 #2 Patrick Wisniewski 2012-03-27 00:04
    I agree Yukon, listening to XM and hearing these guys and going to their website and many others has been a tremendous help in me winning 7 of my last 8 league titles in Baseball, Football and Hockey (no help needed there)
    0 #1 Ben S. 2012-03-26 16:04
    Nice draft. I have visited many many fantasy baseball sites, but you guys take the cake. Thanks!

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