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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

As the song goes, …”if you are from the school of forever then I guess…..”

And she could have crooned – You won’t be drafting Adam Dunn.

Indeed many fantasy players having been severely burned by Adam Dunn’s terrible 2011 season will never even look at him again……..well until he hits two home runs and has six RBI as he did in yesterday’s 16-4 beat down the White Sox put on (admittedly a split squad) a Royals contingent at Camelback Ranch.

Dunn’s home runs were even more impressive not just because they were his third and fourth of the spring but because the one in the first inning came of a LH starting pitcher while the grand slam homer in the fifth was a rocket that cleared the bullpen pavilion and may still be rolling.

True Dunn won’t get to hit a lot against Royals reliever Vin Mazzaro and likely not against the KC starter Bruce Chen at least not if he continues to hang ten.

In my youth that was a good term – of course it referred to surfing and not to giving up 10 hits and 10 earned runs as Chen did Thursday in Glendale.

And again with the spring in the desert caveat, Dunn is still sitting today at an impressive 333/515/875 mark in his twenty-one at bats.

Dunn if you haven’t heard worked out a lot this winter – notable not because he joined most other major league players in keeping fit during the off season months but supposedly because it was the first time he had ever done so. So while many thought Dunn was a solid rebound candidate it looks like he may go well beyond that and make 2011 an outlier in his career stats although I would caution against anyone thinking a full rebound to forty home runs per year is in the cards – this is still March in the thin air of the Arizona desert. Still worth a look in the middle of the draft – presuming you aren’t from the school of forever.

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