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Thursday 19th Oct 2017


     The timing of the release of Fantasy is Reality during the height of the preparation for the upcoming baseball season is purely coincidental.  Steve Strange, book’s author, is a veteran of fantasy sports. His intent with Fantasy is Reality is to provide an overall portrayal of our favorite pastime, its many features and a few foibles. Indeed, the book’s subtitle is “A Fantasy Sports Commissioner’s Reference Guide”.

    The first chapter is aptly called “Ground Floor”.  Steve builds up from here, going into the “Framework” of different leagues (the second chapter) and follows by describing the draft (third chapter), the actual game and different strategies, all peppered with tidbits of sometimes funny and occasionally thoughtful episodes drawn from his real life experience.  Suggestions abound about how to set up your league based on your personal interest in the game. The later chapters delve into the “Next level” and into comparatively more sophisticated aspects of fantasy sports, all in line with author’s objective to offer a complete perspective.  With that in mind, baseball and football receive an equal share of time with other sports mentioned in proportion to their popularity.  In my opinion, the author has met his original intent.

    A veteran fantasy sports aficionado, as most readers of this site are, may not learn any new rule or methodology. But if you know people who are new to fantasy sports and may want to join your league or are merely curious about how you spend your time, hand this book to them. Written in an informal and easy flowing prose that makes it a fast and entertaining read, those who are interested in finding out about us will not get bored. The title itself is great and revealing. Let’s face it. While the word “fantasy” is sadly associated with this hobby of ours, we dedicate real time and occasionally real money to it. For us, this is our reality.

    That Steve Strange has done his homework is obvious. Many web sites are referenced with our own Todd Zola and Mastersball site receiving multiple credits.

    The book can be purchased from here: http://www.strangeonsports.com/fantasy-is-reality.html. Check it out for a detailed introduction and full book content. Not too many books are written and published about this topic we pursue that is dear to our heart. You personal library should own it.

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