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Friday 15th Dec 2017

So, I am almost exactly (24 picks) halfway through an NFBC Slow Draft: a fete where my fellow 14 owners and I will select 50 players. But, during the course of the season there will be no trades and no free agent/reserve pool picks. Meaning love the ones you draft, although I must confess whenever I think of the "Slow Draft," Molly Hatchett goes zooming into my brain cells.

Southern Rock aside, this whole process has been a lot of fun in a bunch of different ways. Of course, if nothing else the whole drafting process breeds camaraderie, which is fun. Because, though we will be duking it out shortly, as soon as the season starts, and though it is winner take all at that point, for now we are buds leveling good natured ribbing, not to mention the occasional "damn yous" when the player queued is snatched just before your selection.

Our draft started out fun when the first overall pick started us off in confusion by taking Justin Upton #1. Upton was followed by Matt Kemp, Miguel Cabrera, and then Troy Tulowitzki, whom I coveted, and with the #5 pick thought I would get. Especially with Upton moving to the top of the mix.

Sigh,, that left me with that dog Albert Pujols as the #5 overall selection, though I did think hard about both Robinson Cano and Jose Bautista as I do think about position scarcity.

Still, that is a pretty goofy top five. And, I mean goofy in the most fun sense of the word.

On the return, I got Giancarlo Stanton and then Ben Zobrist giving me some pop and a little speed among my first three rounds.

But, there have been some other fun selections destined to skew the ADPs. Like Carlos Santana in the second round, and Mike Napoli to start the third.

Or, then Stephen Strasburg, taken as the second selection of Round 3 by the owner who has easily selected my favorite team.

Actually, they followed up the Strasburg pick with Matt Moore in Round 4, and when I commented in the league chat room that this was pretty aggressive, the response was "I hate ADP." Cool, I'm not the only one.

My favorite team also took Joe Mauer with his fifth pick, and after dropping into some mainstream with Mark Reynolds #6 then shot back to the youngin's with Dustin Ackely, Mike Moustakas, and Neftali Feliz  in a row as picks 8-10. In fact I was sitting on Jose Tabata Round 12 after I took Ben Revere, assuming Tabata had lost favor and would be there Round 13.

Gotta love it, for though I am not sure they will win (he could, who knows) he certainly has a team that could be so much fun to watch and root for.

Other notable picks include Eric Hosmer in the third round, Yu Darvish with the eighth pick of the 12th round (right after I nabbed David Freese), and Yoenis Cespedes to joing Moore and Strasburg as the second pick of the 15th Round.

The best part is now we have the bottom 25 picks of our rosters to go, and things should get pretty interesting with folks gambling on the likes of Danny Hultzen and Gerrit Cole in the who knows round.

Like I said, the best part of goofy and fun. With Molly Hatchett to boot.


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