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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Every year KFFL invites the best and the brightest of the fantasy baseball crowd to participate to their Fantasy Baseball Analysis Draft (BAD) Experts league. And naturally Mastersball was invited back. In addition to us and our friends from KFFL, this year’s participants were with Roto Experts, FanGraphs, Baseball Sharks, Baseball Guys/Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio, USA Today/Sports Weekly, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball HQ, RTSports and The Hardball Times.  BAD requires each participant to explain in approximately 50 words his rational behind each pick.  Analysis is posted on KFFL’s web site.

League’s top page is here: http://www.kffl.com/fantasy-baseball/fantasy-baseball-draft-analysis.php

The randomly selected draft order gave us the 4th pick. I must add that the draft started before the verdict about Braun’s suspension was made public. We decided to go with Troy Tulowitzki unless one of the top three (Pujols, Cabrera or Kemp) were still available, yeah, dream on. Basically, we felt that the drop in quality of SS is so steep this year that Tulo would be our best choice.

Picking Tulo determined our entire draft strategy. We focused on scarcity and in the second round we picked Adrian Beltre’, given the drop in quality among 3Bmen and in the third round we went with Josh Hamilton.  You got to love those Rangers.

I will spare you the rest of the draft. You can check it out if you click on the above link. Let me give you a few of the salient points.

To my surprise and joy, Jered Weaver was still available in the 6th round, yet another confirmation that one can wait on starting pitchers. Ryan Roberts was picked in the 12th round. He has multi-position eligibility and will fill our 2B position. His projected stats place him right after the elite 2basemen. These elite 2B guys were gone fast, hence Roberts in the 12 round is a steal. If he performs as expected, that is. Even if he is slotted to play third for the Diamondbacks, think of him as a possible 2Bman.

In the 24th round, the first bench round, we selected Henderson Alvarez. I am very high on this guy. Do not ignore him at draft time. Our 28th and last pick was Shelby Miller, a guy to stash away, given his high potential. If you are in a keeper league, grab him, if you can.

I like our team, but, that being said, Steve Gardner from USA Today/Sports Weekly took a risk and drafted Ryan Braun in the third round.  Remember, this was done before the verdict was announced. No guts, no glory. With Kemp and Braun on his team, I think that this year’s crown will go to Steve. Maybe. You never know in fantasy baseball. That’s why I love it. But if we win or do well, you will hear it from me.

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