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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I try to be a man who does not pass judgement.

And, I think Ryan Braun is a very good ballplayer, but he is not a guy I would go nuts over. Although, the truth is, I rarely would consider drafting an outfielder as a first-round pick in any draft, and in most auctions Braun costs too much these days.

Of course, under the shadow of the flychaser's pending 50-game suspension for use of PEDs, well, Braun's roto stock has been about as off and on as Donald Trump's hair, but that has not really bothered me so much. My love for ADP, or lack thereof, is pretty well-documented in my recent Tumbling Dice column on the KFFL site.

Knowing how much testing, or more importantly potential for testing goes on in sports, it is hard to believe Braun willingly ingested anything. Still, a test is a test.

And, it is interesting to see how folks were scrambling and strategizing for part of a season with the MVP, then without, and now with again.

I am surprised, though, at the number of folks who seem so flummoxed at just where to rank, or what to do with Braun, although, in fairness, since I don't think I have ever owned him, I can be a tad more objective I suppose.

All along, though, I have thought Braun worthy of being a very high second-round pick, if not still a first-rounder, with this reasoning:

110 games of Braun is not unlike a season of Chase Utley in his prime. That is, you know his 110 games will be deadly, and pretty much no one else at the position could deliver like the Phils keystone man. That said, you also knew with him would be 50 games lost to broken fingers and funky knees and strained elbows and so on.

Still, the 110 games would provide something like .280-28-85 and that might not seem like first or second round material, but it is pretty good. Although now those numbers should be attainable for a guy like Braun, who is probably the best outfielder in the league.

But, that is that. What kind of busts me up is I have to confess I am a Law and Order junkie.

And, the whole schtick about Braun's sample not being handled properly reminds me so much of that show.

For any of your attorneys out there, I understand that Jack McCoy and his ilk on the show don't really represent the way the legal process works. I grew up in a house of lawyers, and my father shuddered every time my mother flipped on Perry Mason.

But, there is a particular Law and Order episode called "Empire." This episode was filmed in 1999, when then star Benjamin Bratt was an item with Julia Roberts, for the "Pretty Woman" stars in the show as a fundraiser in the episode, and is able to skirt a lot of issues due to Detective Curtis' (Bratt) handling of evidence.

Sometimes life imitates art.



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