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Monday 25th Sep 2017


Wherever you land with your mouse to read about Ryan Braun, you unmistakably find a bunch of “what if’s” about whether he took PEDs or not.  Now you are ready to draft and a bunch of “what if’s” start swirling in your head. What if Braun gets suspended, what should I do? What if he does not? How many rounds should I wait before I draft him, if at all and on and on. Anyone who is drafting before the MLB announcement wants to know the verdict now. If Braun does not get suspended, the coast is clear. But what if he gets suspended?

Some of you may decide to take him anyway, I mean, even if he gets suspended. You may rationalize that 50 games with a replacement player in your active lineup plus the remainder of the season with Braun may add up to pretty good stats for your team. It may. But, what if…..

What if, here comes my “what if”, Braun really took PEDs and he gets suspended for 50 games? You know what P in PEDs stands for, right? Performance! And E stands for enhancing. What if, without taking PEDS, Braun’s future unenhanced performance during the remainder of the season equals that of a very average outfielder, ranked, let’s say, 40th or even 50th or whatever down the rankings? I am not saying that Braun took PEDs or that he did not take them. I do not know if his performance was ever enhanced. I do not know any of that. I am only saying: what if Braun’s performance will never equal that of a first rounder he was ‘till this year. There is no guarantee.

Certainly, we will only know for sure at the end of the season. Not before. Not today, not while we draft before the season starts.

I know that I am not helping. But, see, with all the “what if’s” being thrown around I wanted to add my own.

Does it matter if Braun tested positive for PEDs? For us who play fantasy baseball, you bet it does.  Let me also remind you that players who took PEDs are prone to injuries.  


0 #4 Dan Hayes 2012-02-23 03:26
I think MLB is being so careful about this situation, they just cannot decide on the correct course of action. Whether he took them or not, he gained an edge either on the field or too physically recover faster. Jose Canseco said it...they make you into a super human athlete. I believe whatever he is taking or has taken has helped him in some way on the baseball field.
0 #3 Todd Zola 2012-02-16 18:04
i know this is completely subjective, and my motto is never say always or never so I am cognizant of the fact Braun could be juicing, but my OPINION is he is not and if he is, it is not helping him. What I mean by that is after listening to some people talk about it, reading about it and asking questions, I think the primary benefit of PEDs is not more strength equals more bat speed (which to does, to a degree), but PEDS allow the athlete to recover faster from injuries and to enable them to do regular workouts longer so they stay fresher into the season. Maybe I am naive, because the fact Braun took them late, right before the playoffs is something that can easily be used as an argument against me, but I don't see Braun as a habitual user that has had his numbers elevated from April to September each. Assuming he was juicing and not fighting herpes, I am guessing it was at the end of the season in anticipation of being fresh for the playoffs. Again, JMnotsoHO.

FWIW, we did this for KFFL, not exactly the same topic, but Braun nontheless

0 #2 John Verdello 2012-02-16 17:11
For our little hobby;
  • Forget a draft - what if you are in an auction keeper league? And Braun's available this year? How much are you willing to spend if you want him?
  • If you go after him, are you writing off your season depending on what you may get him for and building for 2013 or simply using him for trade bait later on?
  • What if the PED's were a big factor in last year's success - it'll take you 75-100 games into the season to see and he may be worthless by then.

There are enough players prone to injuries who didn't take PEDs so that's a non starter as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't want Harden or Morneau or Duchsherer or Sizemore or Brain Roberts either.
0 #1 John Verdello 2012-02-16 17:10
These are valid comments - in so far as they go. But to me, there are a lot more;

For MLB;
  • What if they have to trumpet the fact that their NL MVP was caught with a banned substance in his system?
  • What if there's a problem with the testing and Braun is exonerated?

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