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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

It is the time of year where the staff at Mastersball is asked to appear as guests on various radio shows and podcasts.  Earlier this week, Lawr and I were prominently featured before, during and after the FSTA Experts Draft, broadcast on SiriusXM live in Las Vegas.  Be sure to keep checking this space as we will announce future guest spots as they are scheduled.

Last week, our good friend Jeff Barton invited me to be a guest on his weekly podcast.  Lawr, Brian and I catch up with Jeff every November at the First Pitch Arizona Fantasy Baseball Symposium.  Jeff owns and operates Scoresheet Fantasy Sports, a simulation game using the current season’s weekly stats.  Lawr and I are big fans of Scoresheet Baseball and currently both own teams that have made the playoffs the past two seasons in our respective leagues.  Since the game is simulated based on real stats, factors such as OBP, defense and pitching peripherals are factored in more than they may be in your typical rotisserie league.  You set a batting order (one against righties and a different one versus lefties) and a pitching rotation and bullpen like a real Field Manager along with some guidelines such as who can bunt or steal and when, how much trouble each starting pitcher is in before being lifted and defensive replacements.  Each Monday, you get an e-mail with the box scores of the games simulated that week.  Standings and league leaders are tracked just like you would see in your local newspaper.

Jeff and I discussed a little about the history and features of Mastersball, and then switched gears to some player analysis.  Click on the link below and you can hear some of my thoughts on Yu Darvish, Chris Heisey, Dayan Viciedo and David Freese.  Be thankful, my video hookup was not operational, so you only get to hear me and not be subjected to the proverbial face for radio.

Todd on Scoresheet Podcast

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