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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

As if the universe was not trying to tell me something all along, as I was watching Hot Stove earlier last evening, the trade of catcher/DH Jesus Montero (and pitcher Hector Noesi) to the Mariners in exchange for hurler Michael Pineda (and Jose Campos) to the Yankees was announced.

"Blockbuster" was the first word that popped into my head, and then I immediately thought of the Blockbuster Video, whom I never did patronize, but who used to be on every corner along with a Starbucks (and in Hawaii ABC Stores, in New York Duane Reede stores, and London Sainsburys). And then Blockbuster, beaten by the cheap price of discs and Netflix competition filed for Chapter 11 (and have been purchased by Dish Network) pretty much disappeared.

But, as I was pondering framing this piece on the swap, and watching The Simpsons, the episode where Homer partners with Cheech Marin came on, and as part of the flow, Marge returns the movies her Homer had never returned to the rental store. Which just happened to be a flattened Blockbuster.

So, well, there you have it: Poetic License.

Oh yeah, we also have a really fun trade. And, best of all, a totally fair one.

Because, I have written before how fantasy players, and probably general managers like to trade. And, it is one thing to make a fair trade that works, and quite another to almost make it a goal to get the best part of the deal.

And, though there are lame baseball trades (George Foster for Vern Geishert and Frank Duffy), and some that work out better than you would think (Tommy John for Dick Allen) on both ends, and even some that seem fair at the time (Orlando Cepada for Ray Sadecki) Oh yes, and truly Milt Pappas, who was 26 and had been 110-74, 3.24 over nine seasons for Frank Robinson did not seem quite as bad at the time as it truly turned out to be.

Well, I am not sure how today's swap of proposed future slugger Montero for theoretical future ace Pineda will look after a decade of play, but the prospects of the prospects are simply delicious. Not to mention we now know the Mariners will play Montero every day, and along with Justin Smoak, Kyle Seager, Dustin Ackley, and Trayvon Robinson making the Seattles a potentially fun team of young players to watch develop, and hopefully compete.

As for Pineda, off his very good (9-10, 3.74 with 173 whiffs) rookie campaign, the right hander simply becomes that much better on such a team, with bats and defense and a bull pen and CC Sabathia leading the rotation and everything.

And, well, just tracking the exploits of the two 22-year olds will be full of fun and what ifs that are as much a part of baseball as the ball itself.

How much fun is that?


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