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Friday 20th Oct 2017

OK, just as I sort of get into the groove of setting my lineups for Thursday night games, the holidays decide to fall on weekend almost catching me unawares.

Almost, that is.

And, though two of my teams were relegated to consoliation third place playoff games, going into the Monday night game, with Drew Brees, Lance Moore, and Matt Bryant still to take the field where I am down just 20 points, well, I would like to think there is one title within some kind of reach. (Actually, in Kathy League Gifford, where there is an "all play" format each week, I am still in the hunt, though fading.)

But, enough of that. I have to confess I really enjoyed lazing around all Saturday, Christmas Eve, baking bread pudding for the holiday dinner, and wrapping the slew of presents Mr. Claus suggested my family members might like.

During my morning "chores," I turned on the New Yorkers contest. It was a tough choice, since I still have an unintended emotional attachment to the Oakland Raiders--a leftover from childhood, and to really appreciate the Immaculate Reception still bothers me--so that I sort of had to monitor their game with the Chiefs. But, the game that was really of interest was that goofy battle for New York between the Jets and the Giants.

I suppose it was like rubber necking a bad accident on an Interstate (coupled with a love for things New York) that drove my desire to watch Eli Manning and Marc Sanchez duke it out. And, though I do like the Jets, well, Rex Ryan leaves me as cold as his pop, meaning I like to see him get a come-uppance.

Earlier in the week, as my cousin Richard and I exchanged emails, I lamented he was not out here to view the contest with me, and Richard acknowledged that he too was interested, and well, my cousin is more than adept at assembling sentences, so I will just drop the quote in:

"I'm looking forward to the War of New Yorks though it is, in Broges' felicitous phrase, a bit like bald men fighting over a comb, ie, a question of which of the two will be less incompetent than the other.  The Jets have been dismal, which keeps me amused as my best pal here is a mental fan.  I watch the games out of morbid curiosity."

Richard, who is also a serious Simpsons afficiando, must have heard more than a few "D'ohs" from each sideline, particularly during the Jets absoulute melt down the final minutes.

And, during those last plays, there was enough of a gap for me to click into the Raiders and watch them take care of Kansas City, not that I have much hope of the team being more consistant next week or the following when the playoffs begin in earnest.

But, for now, with defeats to the Chargers, Broncos, and Chiefs all come to fruition during as St. Nicolas was ostensibly prepping the boys for a long night, the Raiders are safe. And, they offset the now horrid Bears whose primary claw interest now resides in some north side bakery I suppose.

Locally, there are the Niners who have played well, but with whom I feel pretty much a fair weather fan at this point, having grown as diffident with their performance this last decade as I have tried to become with those blasted Raiders.

As it stands, rather than overindulge in the confluence of Bowl Games this coming New Years and Sunday, I guess I will have to return my over eating and couch lounging back to Sunday  to see if the Oaklanders can at least stay alive for another week.

In the interim, enjoy the last week, good luck to your teams, and the Happiest of New Years.


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