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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

Tuesday, December 6 – 12:06 PM

The suspense is unbearable. This week, for the first time since March, I won’t be actively managing any fantasy team. Yes, I have a bye in all three of my football leagues, even the league where I didn’t qualify for the playoffs as I’m one of the two best teams in the consolation bracket, not exactly something to get overly excited about. But I’m the top seed in my other two leagues and will have to wait 13 more days to learn my playoff fate.

I’m not overly confident in either squad. My money league team, after starting out 10-1, finished the regular season with two straight losses. I know that each week’s game is an independent event, but I can’t help but think that this group has lost its mojo, and the looming return of Darren McFadden just in time for my semifinal matchup (thanks a lot!) doesn’t exactly help my confidence. Over the past month-plus, Michael Bush has solved my RB2 dilemma, but the thought of him being relegated to a timeshare role makes me sick to my stomach. Luckily, I picked up Marion Barber a few weeks back so he’s another starting option in light of Matt Forte’s injury, but the jury is still out on Barber as to whether he can perform at a high level in an expanded role. He didn’t exactly wow everyone during his days in Dallas handling the majority of the carries, so why should we expect anything different this time around? Chances are I’ll stick with Bush even after McFadden returns. He should still get a decent amount of playing time and remains Oakland’s preferred goal-line back. Bush deserves my loyalty, no? How can I turn my back on a back (no pun intended) who has played such a key role in my team’s success? I’m a real stickler for this stuff, treating my fantasy teams as if they are real-life teams as opposed to a collection of names on a computer screen. Sometimes this backfires, but I just can’t help it. What can I say, I’m a very loyal person.

Tuesday, December 6 – 11:05 PM

Time to enter in my waiver claims for the week, and even though I won’t be playing, I have to make some sort of move, no matter how insignificant it might turn out to be. Add Isaac Redman, drop Joe McKnight. There you have it. I just needed to do something. What’s a week without at least one waiver claim? Let’s show my competition that despite the bye, I’m not asleep at the wheel!

Wednesday, December 7 – 3:32 PM

While my feelings about my money league team can best be described by the word “concerned,” my feelings about my other 10-3 group can be accurately summed up by the word “panicked.” Once a powerhouse, this roster has been absolutely decimated by injuries. First it was Miles Austin, then Matt Schaub, then Matt Forte. I’m the #1 seed that everyone will want to face, a team that is forced to start Ryan Fitzpatrick and Donald Brown. And if the Eagles for some reason decide to limit LeSean McCoy’s carries down the stretch in what has been a lost season for the self-proclaimed “Dream Team,” then, well, I’d be in big trouble. Fortunately for me, I’ll only have to win two playoff games to take home the title, not three. At least the simple math is on my side!

Friday, December 9 – 10:02 PM

This was the last thing I needed. Now Big Ben Roethlisberger suffers a high ankle sprain while playing in a game that was a meaningless one for my team. He’s tough, we all know that, and he did return in the second half to cap off what was a very productive game. But I need him for next week and, if I’m fortunate enough, the following week. I don’t have the NFL Network, so I didn’t get the privilege of watching this lovely development, but from what I’m hearing Ben was basically playing on one leg in the second half. Not good. In nine days’ time, I’ll be faced with an impossible choice. I’d be shocked if Roethlisberger doesn’t play, but who knows how effective he’ll be. But I gotta start him anyway, right? After all, he’s my starter. Mark Sanchez is my backup. With my season on the line, this decision is going to drive me nuts, and I have so much time to think about it. Too much time.

The suspense is unbearable.

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