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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

Greetings all, hopefully your playoff push has begun with Antonio Brown anchoring your receiver corps.  Before I jump into my SiriusXM foray into mediocrity this week, I want to dovetail a little on what Brian Walton talked about yesterday with respect to owning multiple defenses come playoff time.  Depending on your league rules with respect to waivers, this is not the time to be cute, make sure you have a viable backup at every position, including kicker.  This is playoff time, you no longer need to keep sleepers or fliers on your roster, you need to protect yourself against last minute surprises.  There have already been a couple of instances where a kicker unexpectedly was unable to go, most recently Dan Carpenter.  Unless you own Frank Gore, carrying Kendall Hunter in lieu of a second kicker is no longer prudent.  That said, the one guy that I have picked up everywhere I can afford the roster spot is running back Brandon Seine with the Packers.  Both James Starks and Ryan Grant are nicked up and John Kuhn is more of a third down back, though a valuable one in PPR.  On an offense like Green Bay’s, Seine could rack up some points, especially if they use him to help get Starks and Grant healthy for the playoffs, though it would not surprise me if Seine usurped the job.

Now we move onto this week’s SiriusXM entry.  I am in go for broke mode, just looking for that one big week as the chase for the season-long title was laid to rest weeks ago.

QB: Aaron Rodgers ($8700) – Rodgers has the same look that Tom Brady had during the Super Bowl run, extreme confidence that so long as there is a tick left on the clock, there is enough time to get the job done.  While anything can happen on any given Sunday, especially on the road, chances are The Pack are not going to need another week of late-game dramatics to keep their streak alive versus the Raiders.

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew ($8500) – MJD leads the league in rushing yards, but his trips to the end zone have been few and far between.  This is the week he hits pay dirt and he will do it more than once versus the Buccaneers.

RB: Chris Johnson ($5800) – Johnson appears to be running with more confidence, hitting the holes quicker and then making things happen when he breaks through the first line of defense and gets into space.  Did I really just write that?

WR: Victor Cruz ($6100) – Cruz continues to produce and is a value play at his tempered salary.  Sure, most everyone will have him, but I did not see anyone else I wanted to use to be the smartest guy in the room instead.  I have nine other picks for that.

WR: Steve Johnson ($5100) – Probably my least comfortable pick of the week, I just don’t have the trust factor with Johnson; he is a little hit or miss.  On the other hand, I am in the position of needing some upside guys to hit, it is not like I lose anything if he misses.  Time to shoot for the moon.

WR: Santana Moss ($4000) – It is almost impossible to believe the amount of passing yards allowed by both Green Bay, and Moss’ opponent this week, the New England Patriots.  Moss looks healthy and should benefit via even more targets as Fred Davis sits out his suspension due to his romance with the chronic, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.  Whatever happened to just calling it pot?

TE: Jimmy Graham ($8700) – As I mentioned last week, I am 99% sure the proper play at tight end is to go dirt cheap, with the 1% being the possible addendum unless you play Graham or Rob Gronkowski.  I am banking on that 1% this week.

FLEX Roy Helu ($4700) – To be completely honest, I am not sure I like the recent transition of adding points per reception to fantasy football scoring, but that is not going to stop me from taking advantage of the rule and using Helu, who should once again be on the receiving end of a bunch of pigskin spirals.

D/ST Seatte Seahawks ($4000) – I have a little wiggle room with respect to salary, but I just do not see anyone better than Seattle with the available funds.  They should thrive against a rookie QB as Sam Bradford continues to nurse his ankle and AJ Feeley’s finger is banged up, leaving Tom Brandstater as the first string signal caller for the Rams.

K: Lawrence Tynes ($4000) – I cannot believe I just wasted ten minutes of my life trying to figure out if there was another kicker I wanted to spend my extra $400 on.

Good luck to you and all your teams this week and let the playoffs be decided on the field and not via injuries.

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