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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

I don't know about you, but I am having a pretty good fantasy football year. Maybe my best ever, considering how many teams (four) I have, for never have I played in that many leagues and not been ashamed with the results of at least three of them.

I don't know, though, what effect the seemingly huge amount of injuries has played on your teams, but somehow I seem to have hit it well with a cluster of players who somehow gained in value since the NFL Opening, but in general who I drafted as opposed to obtaining via waivers.

I guess the jackpot is Cam Newton, whom I drafted as a back-up--behind Matt Schaub in one league, and my favorite player, Matt Ryan in another--and he is now not only the center of both those teams, but a clear keeper for next year.

Ladanian Tomlinson, once the first and best player in football drafts is no longer #1, but he has been ok as the back-up to Shonn Green and has helped out a couple of teams not only at bye time, but with a couple of big weeks. LT does not have a lot of rushing yards, but he has picked up over 300 receiving and bagged a couple of scores.

Kind of the same with Jonathan Stewart, the Carolina running back who is benefitting with the Panthers new Cam experience, having picked up almost 600 rushing yards (522, actually) along with 360 receving yards and three TDs.

Both Stewart and LT are on a team with Peyton Hillis, whom I subsequently cut, and Ryan Mathews, on a team that also froze Miles Austin. But, a solid, if off-and-on season for Pierre Garcon has helped pick up that slack. Not to mention LT has helped my best team, where we are allowed any two freezes, and where I was lucky enough to keep Ray Rice and Arian Foster. Well, LT was great early while Foster was hurt, not to mention Rice's bye week.

In another set-up I had the #1 pick overall, and indeed took Adrian Peterson, whom I guess we now refer to as "AP" as we do "LT." Well, I am relying on Michael Turner and a hot finish for Drew Brees along with good wide receivers to push that team to the playoffs. But, there I have Marion Barber, who at least covered adequately for Matt Forte last Sunday after Forte hurt his MCL against the Chiefs. Without Jay Cutler I am unsure how the Bears will do--especially with Forte down too--but Barber has run well so far though is averaging only 3.7 yards per carry. I am guessing his touches will increase as Forte recovers from a knee sprain.

Then, in Kathy League Gifford I got Ray Rice as a #1 RB, and then Fred Jackson as #2, but again, I picked up Jonathan Stewart as a third and we have already discussed the benefits therein. But, I was able to freeze Michael Bush in that league as a 12th rounder (meaning I can keep him next year as a ninth rounder) and despite the Raiders ups and downs, he has been worth it.

Not to mention Marshawn Lynch, whom I selected as a sixth round pick, and who since Week 3 has been nothing short of a revelation. And, well, I always have a soft spot for those guys who attended Cal.

As has having Carson Palmer, whom I grabbed on a whim in that league which requires we play two QB each week, and as Ryan Fitzpatrick has been as up and down as the Raiders, and Eli Manning struggling with his team much of the last month, that too was a lucky acquisition.

If you are indeed playing the full season, the names of the guys fallen for part of the year--Matt Cassell, Jay Cutler, Jason Campbell, Darrin McFadden, not to mention AP and Austin just to mention a handful--those back up guys seem to be worth more and more all the time.

At least I am grateful for them!

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