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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Please accept my apologies for the tardiness and brevity of this week’s offering, my focus has been on the December 1 launch of our 2012 Platinum product.  I had a comeback week of sorts, finishing 155th out of a little over 2400 contestants in the SiriusXM fantasy Football Salary Cap Challenge.  I probably should not say this but I have a decent feeling about this week’s entry.

QB: Tom Brady ($8000) – Maybe Brady will show some respect for his long-time rivals and sometimes nemesis, the Indianapolis Colts and go easy on them.  And maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.

RB: LeGarrette Blount ($7300) – Blount is running with purpose and has even shown some life in the passing game.

RB: Chris Johnson ($5800) – This week he finds the end zone!

WR: Antonio Brown ($5200) – The Steelers are still perceived as a running team which means Rashard Mendenhall is overvalued and Antonio Brown is undervalued.

WR: Victor Cruz ($6100) – The Giants are going to have to score to keep up with the Packers and Cruz has a nose for the end zone.

WR: Hakeem Nicks ($7500) – Did I mention the Giants have to score A LOT this week?

TE: Tony Gonzalez ($6300) – I am 99% convinced that if I crunch the numbers and do a bang for the buck analysis with this format, the top end tight ends will be severely overvalued and the proper play is to go dirt cheap at the position.  Truth be told, I almost did that this week, if for no other reason than to diversify away from two NYG receivers, but I have this sneaky suspicion the Giants score A LOT of points this week.

FLEX: Laurent Robinson ($5400) – Tony Romo’s new bud keeps getting it done, though I am guessing he does not look so hot in Daisy Dukes.

K: Mike Nugent ($4000) – The powers that be finally adjusted Dan Bailey’s salary upward, causing a collective groan of the 2500 or so participants still submitting lineups as we are now forced to look for another cheap kicker.

DEF: New England Patriots ($4000) – In general, the Pats defense is nothing special, but they are beginning to show some tendencies of a Bill Belichick coached group when playing with a lead, which they should have this week against the hapless Colts.

Good luck to all your teams as the playoffs are almost upon us.  Given that we at Mastersball like to say no one cares about your team but you, I am in the midst of my best fantasy football season ever as I am on the verge of clinching a playoff berth in all five of my head to head leagues, while I am battling my comrades Lawr and GaryJ for supremacy in Kathy League Gifford, an all-play format.

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