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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I swear, it is so much fun for me to simply look at the trannies every three days or so (it makes me grateful to my mastersball mates who write daily and track things at a more singular level).

But, some more thoughts on a few guys (and if you check the forum, you will see even more).

Rick Ankiel, to start inked with the Royals. The guy has pop, but this is about the worst possible environment for him. First, it is not a home run hitter's haven. Second, being on a team always in transition, and perennially either inexperienced, or a vet in their final years is not the best home for a guy who walked 26 times and whiffed 99 last year, and has a .311 OBP. Such teams are rarely patient.

Then Miguel Tejada has returned to the Orioles coming off a year where he had 199 hits. What does a guy have to prove? I always wonder this about Adam Dunn, who is actually on a path to hit 500 homers. Or Mark Buehrle, who has put up very good numbers and is seriously dependable, yet they never really get their due or value in fantasy.

To me it is interesting that Mike Aviles made it the year Joe Inglett arrived. And, of course I am thinking the deepest of leagues here, but you win with guys like Inglett and Aviles in such a format. Anyway Inglett hit a pretty good free agent .295 two years ago, but dropped to .281 last year with Toronto. He was then taken by the Rangers, and then snatched up by the Brewers. I just think that Inglett could still give us a year like Aviles, filling in for an injury. Too bad Inglett did not get that chance with Ron Washington because he is a Wash type player. But, if you are in a 12-team AL only, keep him in your back pocket.

Similarly, Brad Ausmus signed with the Dodgers and if you were to get Russell Martin who should be a value this season, stash Ausmus on your reserve squad. He is a good bet to hedge Martin, plus, he can actually spell Russell and that suggests Martin will have better durability this year, and thus give better numbers.  A nice pick, makes he.

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