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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

This week is not really about "bye" weeks, as it is sometimes saying "bye" to the rules.

But in a good way. And, I have to guess this has happened in one of your leagues.

My favorite of my Fantasy Football leagues is the Kathy League Gifford (KLG), something I have noted before.

Of course I love the group of folks with whom I play in the league, but I also love the rules, which include allowing three freezes each year. That catch is players move up three rounds, so a player drafted in the 15th round in 2011, if frozen in 2012, will be a 12th round selection. All free agents acquired during the season default to the 12th round also, so they become a ninth (or eighth or seventh, depending upon how many of them frozen) round pick the following year.

In the league we also play three individual defensive players, rather than a team, so you can have a troika of Demarcus Ware, Ray Lewis, and Patrick Willis, each of whom can have a big week and add 20-30 points to your team totals (players get credit for tackles, sacks, interceptions, fumbles forced and recovered, and scores).

Finally, the rules dictate we play a pair of quarterbacks each week, which I also love for it de-emphasizes the dominance of the Running Back in fantasy football.

In KLG there are 12 teams, so counting bye weeks, there will generally be 36 quarterbacks needed over the course of the season, and as we all know, there are only 30 starters at the position in the NFL.

And, with the number of QB injuries each season, there are indeed almost always enough shots at a starter.

Well, this year my pal Jeremy Steinkoler simply got clobbered by his signal callers. Jeremy did select Jay Cutler in the third round, behind Adrian Peterson and Roddy White, and then took Donovan McNabb as his fifth pick, and Chad Henne as selection #7, meaning on paper, a couple of weeks before the start of the season, he looked pretty good.

And, 12 weeks into 2011, well, we all know "ouch" is pretty much the optimal word that comes to mind.

Well, a few weeks ago, Jer, knowing that he had no starters at QB, adjusted and started extra wide receivers and running backs to play a full complement, and the league commissioner system allowed it.

Now, we are checking to see if it is a set up error that caused the oversight, or if our rules are too whacked for the commissioner system to adjust to, and Jeremy noted he understood the nature of the rule and is fine with whatever we decide.

And, while I do understand the essence of the rule, similarly do I love it when someone tests the system and figures a workaround, or some manner of winning that never occurred to the rest of the league.

It also made me think about adjusting our QB rule, allowing so owners can play two Quarterbacks each week, but also stating that they can play just one and a number of other spots as long as one of each principle offensive scoring spot (along with the three defenders) is covered.

Because, one of the things I don't always like about the standard football lineup is, it just sort of plods along, with one variation. And, it is fun to change things around in football, just as it is in Fantasy Baseball.




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