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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Tuesday, November 22 – 11:10 AM

This might be the most flawed 10-1 team in the history of fantasy football. Honestly, I still can’t figure out how I keep winning, especially this past week, as I was without the services of Jimmy Graham and Ben Roethlisberger due to byes and my starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, was absolutely dreadful. Yeah, my RB2 issue has been temporarily solved by Darren McFadden’s injury, as Michael Bush has stepped up big time to give me elite production. But what happens when McFadden comes back? What will I do then? Pierre Thomas and Joseph Addai will be my best options. Ugh. And it’ll be terrible timing too with the playoffs right around the corner. The good news? I’ve all but clinched a first round bye. The bad news? It’ll mean nothing if I can’t win a playoff game. In head-to-head formats, it’s all about how you finish, and I’m starting to get a sickening feeling that my finish could be trophy-less.

Thursday, November 24 – 4:22 PM

So much for my brilliant waiver wire pickup of Kevin Smith. Just a few hours ago, disaster struck as Smith was carted off the field due to an ankle injury. Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith. That’s all I kept on hearing from the various fantasy football talking heads over the past few days. This was the guy you had to pick up. This was the guy who would catapult your squad from playoff contender to title contender. And the attention was deserved as Smith was coming off a monster game and the Lions’ starting tailback job now seemed to be his to lose. But I also thought that there was way too much hype surrounding him based on one great game. After all, this was the same Kevin Smith who got cut by the team a few months ago. Not to mention his injury history. Still, he was clearly worth a waiver claim, and I decided to start him this week over Mike Tolbert, who has been incredibly frustrating to own. It’s all about opportunity, and the bottom line is that Smith would be getting way more carries than Tolbert. This was a no-brainer. Turns out I got one healthy quarter out of Smith. It was an impressive quarter, but it was one quarter. Oh well, hopefully Tolbert doesn’t run wild on Sunday. In this particular league I’m still fighting for a first round bye and need every win I can get. It would be a real shame if this debacle comes back to haunt me.

Thursday, November 24 – 7:58 PM

Same league, different managerial blunder. How can I be so wise to pick up Laurent Robinson a few weeks back yet so dumb to not start him today? That’s 21.8 fantasy points down the drain. I like Plaxico Burress this week vs. an erratic Bills defense, but Plaxico has a tall task ahead of him if he wants to make me look like some sort of genius. Good luck, Plax.

Thursday, November 24 – 9:34 PM

What a Thanksgiving! I’m still rather annoyed about today’s series of poor decisions, but a hearty meal of brisket (secret alert: I don’t always eat turkey on Thanksgiving), sweet potatoes and warm apple pie has made me feel better about everything. The truth is that I’m a combined 23-10 in my three leagues, and that’s surely something to be thankful for.

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