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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

You know how aggravating it is in Fantasy Baseball when you bench Taylor Buchholz because he is terrible, and for some reason the week he sits the pitcher goes in the rotation as a sub and wins two games including one that is a two-hit shutout?

Well, picking starters in football is exactly that frustration exponentially.

Not that I am complaining about my teams or play or the rules, for all my squads are performing well enough this season, something that is actually kind of satisfying.

But, there is something inherently crazy-making about trying to make logical fact based decisions in a football league, only to see them completely blow up in your face.

For example, Week 5 my Ravens defense was on their bye week, so I picked the 3-1 Bucs to sub. This seemed reasonable as Tampa was playing well enough, and the Niners, who were 4-1, looked interesting, but not overwhelming.

That is until the Bucs skulked away from the Stick after taking a 48-3 hiding at the hands of the surging Niners.

Well, this week, in the league curated by my mate Monsieur Zola, I had the Steelers going in with a free Sunday. So, I scoured carefully, and selected the Bills, a spotty at best team, playing a seemingly lousy team in the Dolphins, albeit in Miami.

The results? The Dolphins had their biggest outburst, mashing the Bills 35-8.

The reality is I don't want to know what the Bills do next week. All I have to do is look at how the Bucs bounced back Week 6 and whipped the Saints 26-20 to know that Buffalo will beat whomever they suit up against Thanksgiving Sunday simply to upset my sense of balance.

Not like it is just me, for I know you all must have experienced this frustration.

But, when a bunch of it happens the same Sunday, well...

Well, like I have Matt Ryan and Cam Newton as signal callers on a team, and after Week 2--save the Panthers bye week--Cam has been starting regularly.

Save this week when I tried to use brains instead of instinct, for looking at Ryan, his team was squaring against the confused Titans, while Cam and Company were going against the pretty good pass defense of the Lions.

Now, if you have noticed, Cam has been playing well of late, but not as off-the-charts as he had the first weeks of the season, while Ryan has cooly stepped up his game each week.

So, Ryan got the start and I sat the Cam, and the differential was around 27 points lost to my team.

And, at least I did start Torrey Smith in one of the leagues in which I own him, over Devin Hester, whom I admit is a homer favorite of mine, because, well, I sat Hester last week and he bagged a score, while Smith has been a little spotty.

No more. Cam starts every week. So does Torrey. And, well, since the Steelers bye is a bygone, them too.

No fooling me any more on those guys this year.

Swear. I think.

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