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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Try, try again.

And that is exactly what I am going to do in the SiriusXM Salary Cap Challenge even though the format has been kicking me in the gut the past several weeks.

With the obvious disclaimer that sometimes other priorities take precedence, this is the same attitude anyone playing fantasy sports should take: play it out to the bitter end.  You owe it to the rest of your league to keep plugging away regardless of your team’s plight, just as you expect your opponents to continue to play hard when you are having a better season.  I’m pretty sure that’s what Tim Tebow would do anyway.

Here is the motley crew that is going to right my flailing ship.

QB: Aaron Rodgers ($8700) – I have had the good fortune and pleasure to watch the majority of Tom Brady’s passes over the past several seasons and if Rodgers is considered the best QB in football, he has got to be good to be better than Brady.

RB: Adrian Peterson ($9700) – He comes at a high price, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I am more comfortable with some of the lower-priced receivers this week, so I am going all in with “All Day”.

RB: LeSean McCoy ($9500) – To start with, McCoy is good.  Now factor in the team may be without Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin and who knows how DeSean Jackson will react to last week’s bitch-slap from Head Coach Andy Reid, common sense dictates the game plan will go through McCoy.  Did I mention he is good?

WR: Jordy Nelson ($5700) – Part hunch, part hope, there are plenty of catches to go around in Green Bay and I am hoping Nelson continues to take what most originally thought would be intended for Jermichael Finley.  OK, I’ll admit it, I have Finley going in a league I need to win in and I am willing to sacrifice my SiriusXM entry to play the reverse jinx game and have Finley go off.

WR: Denarius Moore ($4800) – The Raiders are responding quite well to Carson Palmer and Moore has emerged as his go to guy, which is nice since he is a threat to score with every touch.

WR: Laurent Robinson ($4000) – Chances are a huge percentage of entries will be on Robinson after last week’s exploits and the key to this format is being ahead of the curve, but I need some low end salaries and should have enough players at other spots to differentiate my squad.

TE: Jake Ballard ($5000) – As it ended up, I filled this position last so I needed to find someone to give me the best bang for the available buck.  Ballard needs to score to be worth this spot, but he seems to be a favorite red zone target of Eli Manning so I took a shot.  Plus, one of my best buddies growing up was named Ballard so I am hoping he brings me luck.  Yeah, I know, this is analogous to the cute secretary picking winners based on her favorite uniforms, but I will take any charm I can get at this point.

FLEX: Marshawn Lynch ($4300) – Lynch is quietly having a very nice season, finding the end zone in the past five games and getting increasing touches as the season progresses.

D/ST: New England Patriots ($4000) – Coming into the season, it was expected that the Pats D would be behind with the short preseason but improve as the season wore on.  Injuries have curtailed the growth a bit, but things are beginning to gel, particularly with respect to pressuring the opposing QB.  With the Chiefs starting a rookie who is likely to be playing from behind, this should give Andre Carter et al the chance to keep up the pressure.  Add in the stage of Monday Night Football and this is a compelling choice, especially at the rock bottom price.

K: Dan Bailey ($3800) – I have screwed enough trying to go against the grain, hoping the other 6000+ entrants pick Bailey and he sucks while I pick the guy that boots five FG.

Good luck this week.  Hopefully, you are battling for a playoff spot and not playing for just personal pride.

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