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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Is it just me?

I want to like the idea of Thursday Night Football, but I am really having trouble warming to the idea.

Not that I did not tune in and out of the Raiders/Chargers game last week, but I also watched some Robot Chicken and also caught chunks of Now, Voyager on TCM.

Truth is I like having some down time from sports after eight months of baseball, and though I love nothing more than flopping on the couch all day Sunday, hopefully with a fire in the fireplace and nice drizzle of rain outside and munchies galore, one day a week of this is enough.

Not that I don't dislike Monday Night Football, which I have generally followed since Alex Karras did the first color suggesting that then Oakland lineman Otis Sistrunk, on the camera with one of the first shaved scalps in the league, steam billowing off the top of his physically heated head, noting the tackle attended The University of Mars.

I actually did get enough advance notice that the first Thursday game of the season--aside from Opening Night--was Thursday past and I did go in and update all four of my rosters accordingly.

The problem was I thought I set my starters for the whole weekend Thursday, so I did not really bother to log back in and double check, and that piece of laziness cost me in the Experts Schmexperts League, when Adrian Peterson will be sitting on my bench tonight irrespective of how he does at Lambeau.

I did try to adjust around Ryan Mathews, and unfortunately started Curtis Brinkley in a couple of formats and those moves netted me zero points. And, I fretted over Julio Jones who also was worth gooseggs.

So, the Peterson mistake does rest with me, but still. Of course this is the same league where I overslept a couple of weeks ago and flat out missed posting a lineup, costing me a win that week, and now it looks like my lack of AP will facilitate a similar fate as I am 19 points down to the Satchmo Saints.

Of course, in another league I guess my opponent had a similar experience for he had DeSean Jackson ready to go, matching my equally productive Brinkley.

But, back to the business at hand: getting into the flow on Thursdays.

I just don't think it will happen for me for truthfully, football isn't baseball and is not conducive to to being on the tube every night. And, well, including the myriad of college games Saturday and at least previously on Thursday evenings from time-to-time.

So, just like a smorgasboard where it is hard to stop eating till you are sick, well, football risks the possibility of forcing an overdose in my meager view.

So, NFL, please take the hint. Give us the weeknights back. Well, OK, you can have Monday, but otherwise please stop with the Thursday stuff. I already have too many things to both feel obligated to watch, and forget about dealing with. You know?

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