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Monday 25th Sep 2017

Yesterday I wrote about the National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC) Draft & Hold league put together by First Pitch Arizona (FPAZ) and concluded by saying that the success of my team depends on the injury to one player and the love life of another.

The injured player in question is Grady Sizemore. The other player is Matt Kemp. I had the fortune or misfortune as the case may be to read the following bullet points about Sizemore:

  • That Sizemore is healthier than what could be inferred from the number of days he was out in 2011. It appears that he and the Indians acted with caution. In my opinion Sizemore knewthat Indians will not exercise their option on him in 2012.
  • That he will play corner which is less demanding than his usual CF
  • That he may move to potentially the Red Sox or Phillies or the Marlins.
  • These are all rumors of course. We know that Sizemore may never regain his base stealing potential. And yet only a couple of years ago he was an elite player and in 2012 he will be only 30 years old. Even if he does not recover to his old glory days, if Sizemore can stay healthy he may be a steal in the 16th round where I drafted him.

    Matt Kemp was my first overall choice. Some of you may say that it was a mistake because Kemp does not have a track record as, say, Ryan Braun or Albert Pujols to mention a couple of valid first round picks.  While that’s true, Kemp’s “R” and “WR” stats were presented at FPAZ by Greg Ambrosius of STATS Inc.amd the NFBC, “R” being Kemp’s 2010 stats while dating Rihanna and “WR or Without Rihanna” stats in 2011. They are respectively:

    “R” stats:  .249, 28 HRs, 89 RBIs, 19 SBs, 82 Runs and .310 OBP

    “WR” stats:  .324, 39HRs, 126 RBIs, 40 SBs, 115 Runs and .399 OBP, a true five-category star.

    See the stuff one learns at FPAZ? If Kemp does not date Rihanna in 2012, my team will do well, quite well and picking Kemp as the first overall will pay off. Now I only I need someone to keep Rihanna busy and away from my Kemp. I cannot, I am married. “Honey, it is for my team and my reputation” will not fly. Can one of you guys date her, please? Let me remind you of her stats as presented at FPAZ: 34-24-34, see the gems you learn there, try to find that in your baseball handbook. You have a five month head start to land a date with her before the season begins.

    In the meantime, during these long five months I will dote on my team and pull my hair at every report of a minor injury, the true folly of drafting in November.


    0 #1 Dan Hayes 2011-11-23 11:04
    I'm still wondering why the farmer got so upset when Rihanna exposed herself taking her shirt off during a music video. A real head scratcher there. :sigh:

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